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Sunday, July 02, 2000

Playlist - 2nd July 2000

Sofa Surfers -Beans & rice -(Klein)
James Hardway -Crystal ball -(Hydrogen Dukebox)
Waldemar Bastos -Sofrimento -(Luaka Bop)
Orishas -537 C.U.B.A -(EMI)
LB -Jealous guy -(Output)
Bronx Dogs -Tribute to Jazzy Jay -(Heavenly)
Krispy -Moozick Bomb -(Hip Hop Europe)
Tisziji Munoz -Angelic origination -(Anami)
Black Strobe -Innerstrings -(Output)
Buscemi -Spooky samba -(Downsall Plastics)
Jurassic 5 -Quality control -(Interscope)
Kung Fu OST -Power of the other -(Warner Bros)
Excerpt - National Lampoon --(Music Issue)
Rica Amabis -A falsa baiana -(Sterns Brasil)
Andrea Marquee -Zumbi -(Sterns Brasil)
Sidestepper -Bacalao sala'o -(Palm Pictures)
Da Lata -Binti -(Palm Pictures)
23 Skidoo -Dawning -(Virgin)
Blowpipe -Mission -(Harmsonic)
Mos Def -Umi says -(Rawkus)
The Peter Nice Trio versus Mr Scruff -Harp of gold -(Hospital)

Fenny's Selection

Element -V-targon from their Soul Blaster CD -(Creeping Bent)
The Incredible String Band -Gently Tender from The Chelsea Session 1967 -(Wabang)
Savoy Grand -There is nothing new here from their Dirty Pillows CD -(Naruhal)