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Saturday, July 28, 2001

Playlist - 28th July 2001

Salt -Hung Up-(Soul Jazz)
Big Ass Truck-I'm a ram-(Upstart)
Grant Green-Ease back-(Blue Note)
The Falcons-I found a love-(Relic)
Sharon Forrester-Love inside-(Warner Bros)
Little Axe-Dark-(CDR)
Little Axe-Blues story II-(CDR)
Little Axe-Friend of mine-(CDR)
Little Axe-Outside looking in-(CDR)
Little Axe-Hammer ring-(CDR)
Little Axe-Walk away-(CDR)
Sam Payne-Borderline-(CDR)
Sam Payne-Stop startin'-(CDR)
Sam Payne-Soul rebel-(CDR)
Sam Payne-Tranquility-(CDR)