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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Playlist - 26th July 2003

Includes a Detroit Special from The Listening Room (Neil Robbins)

Cosmic rocker -dub -(echo beach)
Alien dread -blood knot -(reggee retro)
Ab 10 -patriot dub -(suhinas sounds)
Songs from the ground -new day (dub) -(nettwerk)
Bluey -oceans unknown -(golden bay records)
Municipal -pressure points -(unreleased promo)
Esplendor geometrica -tras la innovacion technica -(geometrik)
78 bpm -anger -(Silent agreement)
Wang lei -belleville -(unreleased)
Me:mo -fireworks -(fruity tunes)
Kid Bob-The Ilness-(Tigerbeat)
Melt Banana-Outro for cellscape-(A-ZA Records)
Tony Conrad-Process Three of Fantastci Glissando-(Table of Elements)
Dopplerekket-Photo injector-(International Deejay Gigalo Records)
Alva Noto-Transrapid EP - -(Raster Noton)
Abstract Though-Solar Pulse-(Kombination Research)
DJ 3000-Clutch-(Motech)
Komet -90-(Audio.nl)
Carl Craig-Tres Demented-(Planet e)
I Am Bericochea-RB-(Minus Inc)
As One-Contours-(Ubiquity)
Flexitone-Moist-(Spectral Sound)
Farben-Stuck-(Klang Elektonik)
Moodymann-On my way home-(Peacefrog)
Anders Ilar-Endast-(Audio.nl)
Claude Young-Days of Old-(Elypsia Records)
Otto Von Schirach-Benedict Sinclair-(Schematic)
Chaz Vincent-Human Powered Flight-(Planet E)
Stacey Pullen-Juke-(Science)
Anthony Shakir-The Old way-(Seventh City Records)
Optic Nerve-Detroit Night Drive-(Delsin Records)

Saturday, July 19, 2003

Playlist - 19th July 2003

Reggie Stepper -Co-unoh -(Maximum Pressure)
Jackie Mittoo -The Sniper -(Blood & Fire)
Manasseh meets The Equalizer -Lik a Nyabinghi -(Select Cuts)
Jaga Jazzist -Kitty Wu -(Ninja Tune)
Kopernik -Eva, peacefully -(Eastern Developments)
Sir Duperman -Top floor -(Smalltown Supersound)
Daedelus -Busy signal -(Eastern Developments)
Kenny Dope feat. Screechy Dan -Boomin' in ya jeep -(Soul Jazz)
Prefuse -Uprock and invigorate -(Warp)
Monkeytribe -Delaware -(Meteo)
Pole feat. Fat Jon -Slow motion/bushes -(Mute
Drifting Slim -My Little Machine -(Ace)
The Black Keys -Hold me in your arms -(Fat Possum)
Corker & Conboy -Seedhead -(Vertical Form)
Fat Freddy Drop -Hope-(Kartel)
Anthony Johnson-Life is not easy-(Jet Star)
Dennis Brown-Look what you are doing-(Jet Star)
Bim Sherman meets Horace Andy and U Black-It must be a dream dreaming dub-(Original Music)
Brian Green-Indian Dream-(Strut)
Man in Formaldehyde-Copper Sulphate Crystal 1-(pointy bird records)
Koji Asano-Fitness Club No. 1-3-(Solstice)
Krishna Das the Moden Light Music Brass Band-Copper Sulphate Crystal 1-(Pointy Bird Records)
Yat-Khan-Andy Baryp-
Cyne-Nothing's Sacred-(Botanica del Jibraro)
At the close of every day-The Glory of Ignorance-(Sally Wiskey)
Jim Black-Aloe Evra-(Winter and Winter)
Decemberists-July July-(Hush Records)
Glenn Underground-101 Dolmations-(D-Jax Records)
DJ Skull-Stomping grounds 2-(D-Jax Records)
Tim Harper-Orgasmic Space-(D-Jax Records)
Glenn Underground-Real Space-(D-Jax Records)

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Playlist - 12th July 2003

Antibalas Orchestra -Che Che Cole"-(Daptone Records)
James Brown -Blind Man Can See It-(Polydor)
Frank Mc Comb -Shine-(Label Expansions)
Bill Withers -Take It All In And Check It All Out"-Sony
Tom Brock-I Love You More And More -(Soul Brother)
Love Unlimited Orchestra -Midnight Groove-(Please)
Love Unlimited -Move Me No Mountain-(In Heat)
Antibalas Orchestra -Makossa-(Daptone Records)
Lumidee -Never Leave You-(Island Records)
112 Feat Supacat -Na Na Na-(Defjam Cdr)
Nicci Gilbert -Ican't Forget-(Cdr)
G.C. Cameron -Don't Wanna Play Pyjama Games-(Spectrum)
Dj Cam Feat. Cameo -Love Junkie-(White Label)
James Brown -Can I Get Some Help-
Mitchell &Cewbury -Globetrotter -(Mr Bongo)
Sao Benitez -Elemental -(Mr Bongo)
Kenny Thomas -Crazy World -(Susu)
Eddie Kendricks -Girl You Need A Change Of Mind -(S12)
Black Science Orchestra -Where Where You? -(Junior Boys Own)
Niteflyte Feat. Jean Carn -If You Believe In Love -(Expansion)
Fusion Phew -Caveman Boogie -(Elevatelp)
Jasper St Company -Thecalling/Hes Alright -(Gods House)
D.Kay &Epsilon Feat.Stamina -Mc Barcelona -(Authorised Cdr)

Saturday, July 05, 2003

Playlist - 5th July 2003

Dub Syndicate-Night Train-(On U Sound)
Dennis Brown-Hold on to what you got-(Island)
Errol Dunkley-Black Cinderella-(Fe Me Time)
Augustus Pablo-Cindrella in Black-(Fe Me Time)
Sillkworm-Let's killSaturday night.-(12XU)
The Hells-Time Killer-(Artrocker)
Intentions of an Asteroid-Galvatron-(PURR)
Breathless-After all these years-(Tenor Vossa)
Forcis-Known all along-(Artrocker)
Mayday Murders-Don't wanna know-(Fire Records)
Dub Funk Association-Babylon Kingdom-(Tanty)
Jah Rej-Dub the Dub-(Jah Works)
Freddie McGregor-Loving Feeling-(Jet star)
Primal Scream-Star-(Juke Joint)
Dive Dive-Swedish bSong-(Idle)
Sharko-Bootleg of AC/DC-(Bang/Wagram)
Mink Lungs-Start from scratch-(Rykodisc)
Jason Morphew-Sex-(Ba Da Bing)
The Sea and Cake-Hotel Tell (c's mix)-(Thrill Jockey)
Pole-Slow Motion-(Mute)
Mean-track 3-(Skam)
Cassius featuring Ghostface Killah-Thrilla (Blake Baxter Mix)-(Virgin)
Alan Vega/R.C.T.J-Motox (Scientific Support Dept Remix)-(Lato)
Bluelent-To Me-(Stereo Deluxe)
Patrick Wolf-Wolf song-(Faith and Industry)
Earlymart-Burning the Cow-(PALM)
Inspiral Carpets-Come back tomorrow-(MUTE)

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Dub Review - July 2003


DECIBEL (More cuts from Dennis Bovell 1976 - 1983)


The presence of Dennis 'Blackbeard' Bovell loomed large over the UK's domestic reggae scene through the seventies but has been curiously absent from the reggae revival reissue programme. This timely anthology plugs the gap in admirable fashion with selections from Dennis' seven albums released on his Rama and More cuts imprints, as well as dub versions from the singles 'Blood a go run' and 'Rowing down the River' and a couple of tracks from the later freebie dub set that came with 'Brain Damage' and 'Audio Active'. His integration with the socio-political concerns of the punk and post-punk music scenes is here represented by the opening track 'The Grunwick Affair', complete with blazing horn section atop suitably militant rhythm. The snobbishness that beset homegrown UK reggae is swept aside by a refreshingly joyful set of versions, in turn sweet, then classic and then bizarre. Coincidentally making an appearance under his Blackbeard alias in the 'I Wah Dub' album as the first More Cut album in the series to be reissued by Zonophone (EMI). A more effects laden set best taken after being convinced by the overview provided by the compilation.




After the taster singles 'Lambs Bread Collie' and 'Africa' the full album compiling the best of Cedric Brooks work as The Light of Saba is available at last. A double album package is prefacing the CD option, but the beautiful presentation makes the vinyl highly desirable and once more it's an exemplary piece of work from Mark Ainley at Honest Jons. Like many Caribbean jazzmen his musical education was early and deep. He was listening to Trane and Pharoah but is hero was Sonny Rollins and was invited to the States, specifically Philadelphia where he was entranced by the sounds of Sun Ra. And its Ra that's the closest reference point for this collection, but more the span and depth of the Saturn singles collection than the later Interplanetary Spaceways explored by the Arkestra. The cuts swing from four to the floor Afrobeat, stoned nyabinghi chanting rhythms, deeply organic dubstrumentals and funky jazzers. There really is no reference point for this magnificent music, even Cedric's (Count Ossie and the) Mystical Revelation of Rastafari pedigree affords scant preparation for this wonderfully rich brew.




Last month saw the release of Maximum Pressure's 'Dancehall Techniques' retrospective featuring Cutty Ranks first tune 'Gunman Lyrics'. And here, twenty years later, it is versioned by The Bug with newly crafted lyrics sourced by the Rootsman. The crunchability factor of the fat sawtooth beats on this tune is honed down from previous Bug releases, especially on the version where the disembodied vocal samples create enough sonic paranoia to last the side. Maybe now that he has perfected the level of sonic violence required just before bleeding from the ears commences it could be time to ramp down the bass to bowel emptying dimensions. Pain can come in many forms.



JAH LIGHT MUZIK #031050004

Seriously deep rumbling dub outing from this under-recorded session musician, Junior Dan aka Sydney Gussine, best known for his work with Augustus Pablo and Burning Spear. Recorded at Harry J's and Treasure Isle in Jamaica but carried back to New York for mixing at Bullwackies, hence the floorboard rippling bass effect, the album originally appeared on the militant Clappers label - probably in the early 80s - and has since been lost to newly converted dubheads everywhere. Not too happy about the derivation of the 'KTW' acronym but any seriousness is dissipated by the hilariously (mis-)titled whistling dub 'Sawpo skank' and the irresistibly sub-Pablo 'Guided Missiles Leftist Dub)! Short, certainly not sweet, hardcore dub hounds only.




The debut album from Adrian Sherwood's On U Sound label gathers the finest vocal outings of Junior 'Jux' Delgado. Produced in Jamaica by Perry, Jammy, Pablo, Dennis Brown, Niney, Chinna, Sly & Robbie and Jux himself this is a marvellous showcase for a singer whose throaty roar can evoke an emotional impact comparable to the almighty chants of the late Prince Far I. No cheapo production this with beautiful artwork featuring a youthful Jux and excellent notes from John Masouri, the album certainly represents the best Delgado collection on offer. Collectors may have invested in Junior's own reissues from a few years ago entitle 'Treasure Found', but these were poorly mastered with a thin sound whilst here we have the sixteen tracks mastered over two pieces of vinyl. No dubs though, and some of these are equally as magnificent as the vocals. Specifically the stripped down trombone dub version to 'Tichion' that can now be found on a Sound Boy single, whilst the enormous version to 'Row Fisherman' can be located on the flip of a recent single on Junior's own Incredible label.




There is musical life on the other side of the Bug and its called DJ Scud, the black hole into which true jungle was sucked in 1992 and is now being spat back through the sphincter of what we now know. Easy listening for the brain-mashed generation and enough to give any too precious roots reggae fans instant blud clot art attack. If that's not enough of a recommendation then this is as far as DJ Scud gets to greatest hits collection with ultra-smashes lifted from releases over the past couple of years. An annoyingly recognisable but unpinnable reggae chop guitar sample opens 'Deliver Me (Version)' - about as crossover as this album gets. A perfect purchase for when theres too much dancehall in the charts. It's a red and black thing of course.




A ten year celebration of a label that has championed the melding of dub into house from a UK perspective, Birmingham's answer to Chicago's Guidance except Birmingham said it first. Best known for Rockers Hi-Fi, formerly Original Rockers and Groove Corporation aka G-Corp, the label invited G-Stone's Richard Dorfmeister to select and mix through his favourite tracks from the back catalogue. Nothing unexpected then, it's a chilled groove from start to finish with Noiseshaper's two bluesy tracks 'Movin' Togther' and 'The Only Redeemer' occupying a higher creative ground. Other tunes come from Painted Van, Phase 5, International Observer and Overproof SoundSystem. How to enjoy what on occasions might sound like house music and avoid all those stabs of creative guilt.




Its always seemed like Manasseh, aka Nick Raphael, just has not come out often enough to play and this album proves it. Dating back to the mid 80s Manasseh began on W.A.U.Mr.Modo with Sound Iration, began his own Riz lable in the early 90s, dabbled with majors Sony and BMG in the mid 90s and now seems to concentrate more on sound system work. A shame, and no disrespect to Select Cuts but the fact that this excellent album is not snapped up for the domestic market proves shameful negligence from what remains of the UK record business. For this is not so much of a dub album but an album imbued with the ethic, influence and techniques of dub and produced by an artist who loves the music but is not constrained by any perceived parameters of the genre. The opener 'Do Right Dub' is a vocal dub with quirky folk blues vocals by Sara Paparani, 'Amun Ra' is Tommy McCook with Henry Mancini in session whilst 'Like a Nyabinghi' is the best thing not recorded by African Head Charge and 'Skenga' Rupie Edwards in warp factor X. 'Nigh Train Version' adopts a truncated 'Take 5' and 'Undergroud' has the vocals of the late Devon Russell on a beautiful reading of the Curtis Mayfield tune. A stunningly varied album which has Manesseh and his contributors all on top form.




A dancehall-funk version of the Streets, but cleaner, sharper and with stacks more wit. Max Turner and Marcus Rossknecht have been bouncing between Berlin, London and Barcelona, finding a synchronous tedium with the increasingly bereft club dance scene they decided to trim back to what they love best - rhythm! And it's a brave move as this music stands stark, without embellishment, ready and waiting for devotion or ridicule in equal measure. Take the Small Axe people (see Wire # 230 April 2003) with speed, polish and vocals and the sound is getting near. An album that opens with a song dedicated to the 'milkman' gives the impression of being defiantly English, but the parochial effect soon wears off and by the third track 'Summerblue' the whole thing has become digitally all too infectious. Music can be sexy and funny at the same time.




Compared to the work of Dennis Bovell this could be listened to as 'dub by numbers', recorded 'punk style' in a single afternoon by a band at whose core were the Robinson brothers Trevor, Ewan and Paul. Paul went on to adopt the Barry Boom alias for a solo career, but his main claim to reggae fame is as the producer of Papa Levi's revolutionary Mi God Mi King' - perhaps the best ever UK DJ single. Something of a pedestrian affair the album does have its highlights with the inclusion of a couple of steppers tunes, 'More Time' and the thunderous 'Jah Rastafari' that could have provided the template for much of the later work of Alpha & Omega. For collectors of UK dub only.




I have now traced my aversion to all things tagged "industrial dub" back to my two long years spent as a labourer in a cotton mill where the most treasured skill was lip reading. Ex-Prong/Swans sticksman Ted Parsons' new project skirts around the definition with the introduction of Teledubgnosis as 'ambient dub metal scientists'. Perhaps its his new Nordic domicile that's lifted his spirits for a debut not half as dark as its cloak. Deep, but avoiding the active search for doom as in "another largactyl cocktail please", the treatment of Parsons' percussion and the appearances of Tony Maimone's fluid bass lifts this album to another level from that occupied by many of its label mates. UK reinforcements arrive from The Bug on a remix of "In Heaven, A Devil" and hardleaders Tech Level 2 on "80 Creeps".




With Lenky's Diwali finally ringing the bell, its time for all the other contenders to step up. Probable champion of the next 'riddim' wave is Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett's Don Corleon productions and the follow up to his 'Mad Ants' and 'Krazy' hits, the much more seductive 'Egyptian'. Engineered by Blaxxx and using an ersatz bellydance riff straight out of Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy, its already well-aired and out in force on pre-release. Hottest cut so far is Vibz Kartel's "Sweet in the Belly" but watch out for the sucker punch of even sweeter vocal readings a la Wayne Wonder's Diwali treatment 'No Letting Go'.