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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Playlist - 23rd August 2003

A-Class Crew -Dub-Ology -(Sessions)
The Bug ft. Paul St.Hilaire -Live & learn -(Rephlex)
Krispy -Bored to death -(Damn Right)
Emo -The real thing -(Stereo-Deluxe)
Little Tempo -African lullaby -(Speedstar)
Cedric Im Brooks & the Light of Saba -Rasta lead on version -(Honest Jon's Records)
Skip James -Bumble bee -(Vanguard)
Neil Hagerty & the Howling Hex -White sex -(Drag City)
Tribalistas -Love is ugly -(Phonomotor)
3 Canal feat. La Corte -Oye como va -(Stimulus)
James Brown -People get up and drive your funky soul-
Junior Delgado-Caution-(Pre)
Conscious Minds-Poison Dub-(Soul Beat)
Ras Digby-Bring Back Da Passion-(Soul Beat)
BB & Sound Dimension-Version-(Studio 1)
BB Seaton-Power-(Coxsonne)
Dennis Brown-To the Foundation -(EMMR)
Augustus Pablo-Cassava Piece(Melodica Cut) -(EMMR)
V.C.-By his deeds-(EMMR)
Radio Tarifa-El Mandil de Carolina-(World Circuit)
Suns of Arqa-Heavenly Bodies-(ARKA sound UK)
Ibrahim Ferrer-Boliviana-(World Circuit)
Marta Sebastyen and MUZSAS-Repulj Madar Repulj-(World Network)
Pol Pan Lao-Amazing Isaan-(World Network)
Nucleus Roots-Marcus-(PMP)
Bill Jones-Two year winter-(Brick Wall)
Roddy Hart-The Secret-(Adorno)