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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Playlist - 18th October 2003

3Head -Wings of the morning -(Different)
King Tubbys/I Roy -Monkey fashion version -(Dove)
Kode 9 feat. Daddy G -Babylon -(Tempa)
Dub Gabriel -Celebration -(Baboon Records)
Twilight Circus -Love is what we need -(M Records)
Rev. Charlie Jackson -Wrapped up and tangled up in Jesus -(Casequarter)
Black Keys -The moan -(Fat Possum)
R.L.Burnside -Goin' down south -(Fat Possum)
Keith Hudson -Not good for us/formula -(Basic Replay)
Barry Brown -Separation -(Moll-Selekta)
Clive Hunt -Gem Rock dub -(Wackies)
Derrick Morgan -I am the ruler -(Pressure Sounds)
Dave Bartholomew -The monkey speaks his mind -(EMI)
Trinity -Three piece suit -(Soul Jazz Records)
Carlos Malcolm and Afro Jamaican Rhythms-Bonanza Ska-(Sanctuary)
Eeliza Carthy-Cold wet and rainy night/The Grand Hornpipe-(Highpoint)
Rosie Thomas-Red Rover-(Sub Pop)
Mrs Cakehead-Don't mess with Mrs C.-(Eli Records)
Howl in the Tyupewriter-The Body-(PUMF)
The Fall-Untitled-(Action Records)
One Deck and Popular-Enrico-(Black Country Route Records)
7 Hurtz-Three Sisters-(Output Recordings)
BMX Bandits-The road of love is paved with banana skins-(Shoeshine Records)
Cinerama-Don't touch that dial-(Scopitones Records)