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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Playlist - 3rd July 2004

Deadbeat-A joyful noise pt. 2-~scape
Vauxhall 44-scrp-Inflatabl Label
Bill Wells-Pick up Sticks-Leaf bay
Bill Frisell-Boubacar-Nonesuch
Cloudead-The teen keen skip-Big Dada
To Rococo Rot-Miss You-Domino
Mum-The ghosts you draw on my back-FatCat
Terry Riley-Song from the old country-CDLA
Mahwash-Beshnaw az nai-Accords Croises
A Certain Ratio-Flight-Universal Sound
Voltaire Brothers-Trouble Man everyday-Fall of Rome
Krispy-Work-Damn Right
Laurel Atkin-Eatsen Standard Time-Trojan
Sean Paul-Brethren-Jet Star
Cecile-Haffi Chill-Jet Star
Johnny Clarke-Academy Award Version-EMI
Boredom-Boredom-Noize Anoize
Hope-Last Song-Noize Anoize
The Runs-End of Day Is-Noise Anoize
Ignition-Million and One-
Clinic-The Magician-Domino
Campag Velocet-It’s Beyond Our Control-Point
Falter-Nachtflug-Thinner Records