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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Playlist - 2nd July 2005

Mark Stewart and Mafia-Learning to cope with Cowardice-Beatnik
As Mercenarias-Panico-Soul Jazz
Ari Up-Me Dun-Collison
Ana da Silva-Friend-Chicks on Speed
Hassle Hound-Lucky Bugs win prizes-Staubgold
I.S.A.N.-Dinner at sea-Wiretapper
Little Axe-Let me ride-On U Sound
Entrance -Tex’s blues-Sketchbook
Heartless Bastards-Onions-Fat Possum
Prefuse 73/ The Books-Pagina Dos-Warp
The Paris Smith Quintet-Pentatonia-Soul Jazz
Alice Coltrane-Jagadishwar-Impulse
Sonny and Lind Sharrock-End of the rainbow-Water Water
Konono No. 1-Masikulu-Crammed Disc
Yuppie Flu-Our Nature-Rec
Micah. P. Hanson-The Leading Guy-Sketchbook
Caitlin Cary and Thad Cockrell-Whatever you want-Yep Roc
Rory McLeod-A Cut In Pay-Talk
Club Country-The Salt Islands-Broken Horse
James Yorkston and the Athletes-Surf Song-Domino
Jegsy Dodd and the original sinners-Giro Day-
The Little Flames-Put Your Duke’s Up John-Deltasonic
Macolm Middleton-Break My Heart-Rkyomusic
Vincent Black Lighting-Lay Your Rug-Eli Records
Bish Bash Bosh-Track 6-