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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enrico's Gig Guide w/c 21/3/11.

Tuesday 22/3/11. Rhys Chatham Guitar Trio. Salford Islington Mill.
Legendary American art-house dude, worked with Sonic Youth in the early No Wave Days. Big influence on all sorts of minimalist and post punk music. Instead of a trio, there will actually be 10 guitarists creating this late 70's composition.Highly recommended but take your earplugs says Rico.

Wed 23/3/11.Cian Nugent and Micah Blue Smaldone. Castle Hotel, M/c.
Excellent music promoter M.I.E Music continues his Wooden Guitar series of gigs with guitarists influenced by John Fahey.

Thurs. 24/3/11. Thomas Truax and Sophies Pigeons . Mad Ferret. Preston.
American mainstay of the anti-folk movement. Tho about theirmas is a proper one man band with a multitude of home made instruments. His series of one single evry month featured on OTW. March's effort can be heard this coming Saturday.

Fri 25/3/11. TV SWmth and the Valentines. Star and Garter, M/c.
Lead singer with 70's punkers The Adverts. Who has Gary Gilmour's eyes these days I wonder.

Sat 26/3/11. Tender Trap. Gulliver's Bar,M/c.
Fantastic indie pop from twee goddess  Amelia Fletcher and her band. Anyone with complaints about their bus services should also attend this gig as Amelia is apparently the top Whitehall civil servant in charge of local transport provision!! (Are you sure about this, Mr La Rocca?)

Sun 27/3/11. Josh T Pearson. Deaf Institute, M/c.
American gospel influenced blues wailing guy likely to be doing weird a capella interludes in a sort of mad southern preacher style.

Mon 28/3/11.Mike Stern Band. Band on the Wal, M/c.
Grammy award winning jazz and jazz-fusion guitarist plus band.