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Saturday, December 15, 2018

On the Wire - 15th December 2018

BBC Sounds

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China mix) - Leghorn
Mori Ra - Cheeks - Berceuse Heroique
Guido - End point - State of Joy
Laurel Halo & Hodge - Tru - Livity Sound
Black Zone One - X-Alt - Winged Sun Records
Objekt - Dazzle anew - PAN
Low Jack - Missile - Editions Gravat
Clara! Y Maoupa - Maestro - Editions Gravat
Lunch Money - Living 3000 (ft. Time Cow & Bobby Blackbird) (Equinox
Remix) - Lunch Money
Elizabeth Joan Kelly - Beau travail - Wormhole World
JB Glazer - Moon face - Them There Records
Nymad - Ticklish (Cotton Bud Master) - Ad Hoc Records
Inoyama Land - Apple Star - Light in the Attic
Submersion & mon0 - Substrate - Silent Season
J.D.Meatyard - Who makes the wars? - Probe Plus
Damily - Bekapamaky - Bongo Joe
KOKOKO! - Boulevard Lumumba - Transgressive
Cegvera - Arrival // Colonia - Stolen Body Records
King Wilf & the Rastaplasts - Burnley is Babylon
Joe McPhee - Shakey Jake - Corbett & Dempsey
Demdike Stare - Stitch by stitch Part 2 (Chain) - DDS
Richard Skelton - Front variation 1 - Aeolian Editions

Friday, December 14, 2018

Steve Barker in discussion with Tony Naylor - Walthamstow R'n'R Book Club

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Playlist - 8th December 2018 - Funkology

BBC Sounds

Yam Who & Jaegerossa feat. Jacqui George - Grateful (Z Records)
Hamilton Bohannon -- Maybe You Can Dance (Mercury)
Mass Production - Shante (Joey Negro Remix) (Z Records)
Horny Horns - Oh I Don't Think Sew (Sequel)
Black Coffee & Agoria - Embrace (Sapiens Records)
Strutt - Time Moves On (Brunswick)
DJ Beloved & Sheree Hicks - L.O.V.E.U. (Quantize)
Uncle Louie - Sky High (Marlin)
Will Downing - Do You Know (DJ Beloved Mix) (Quantize)
David Newman feat Roy Ayers - Foxy Brown (Atlantic)
Winx - Don't Laugh (Morales Mix) (Sorted)
Horny Horns - Fallen Off The Edge (Sequel)
Myles Bigelow - The Light Within You (Deep Culture Music)
Fatback Band - Let The Drums Speak (Event)
Kyoto Jazz Sextet - Rising (Ron Trent Mix) (Local Talk Records)
Vaughan Mason & Crew - Rollerskate (Brunswick)
Carolyn Crawford & Bohannon - Coming On Strong (Sean Smith Dub) (Mercury)
Herbie Hancock - Hang Up YoUr Hang Ups (Sony)
Fatback Band - Groovy Kind Of Day (UK Ace Remix) (Ace Records)
Boris Gardiner Happening - Ghetto Funk (Leal)

Tackhead Sound System OTW Xmas Party 1988-12-06

Report from NME, 24 December 1988:
On The Wire Christmas Ball
Manchester Ritz

ROLL UP! Roll up! all you freaky people! Outside the tinsel-strewn Ritz ballroom are parked coaches boasting the name of such far-away towns as Chester, Colwyn Bay, Wigan and Rochdale. From all over Northern England hundreds have travelled to pay tribute to the God of BBC Radio Lancashire, Steve Barker. Tonight is the Christmas knees-up for his On The Wire programme. And it's an extravaganza of hippness and insanity.

Welcome to the lunatic asylum. Home of Annie 'Anxiety' Sandoz. The Crass-girl shambles on to the stage with hair cropped, fag hanging out her mouth and black fingerless gloves concealing her hands. The Liza Minelli of One Little Indian Records, she bursts into a rendition of her single 'As I Lie In Your Arms', like the eccentric old lady who buys her 'glamour' from Oxfam. But this is nothing compared to the eccentric nature of the audience . . . This is On The Wire's three-way listenership. One third gang anarcho hippies, one third youthful homeboys . . . and one third dope-smoking, middle-aged civil servants!

Dungaree-clad 808 State and Brylcream boy A Guy Called Gerald are next on the bill with a hour of live House mixing. There is not a 'real' instrument anywhere, just wires, keyboards, microphones and tables of jiggling computers until they are joined by rap crew The Spinmasters to liven things up. This is where the dancing really begins.

Finally it's Tackhead tape time! Looking like a fat, ex-con bouncer Gary Clail begins the megatrip, rapping out the words of 'Half Cut For Confidence' with the balding genius of Adrian Sherwood at his side. The world is visibly shaken, Steve Barker grins and scenes of madness and hysteria continue late into the night.
Sarah Champion

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Playlist - 1st December 2018

BBC Sounds

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar No.1 (China mix) – Leghorn
Dennis Brown & Big Youth - Equal rights to style – Joe Gibbs Record
Keith Hudson - Darkest night on a wet looking road – Dub Store Records
Keith Hudson - Darkest night on a wet looking road version – Dub Store
Moja Nya - Freedom for Trots – Jumbo Caribbean Disco
Conroy Smith - Murder commit – MoBay Records
Bob Andy - Stepping free – Music on Vinyl
Dobby Dobson - Diamonds & pearls – Death is Not the End no number
Still - Haile Selassie is the micro-chip (Nidia mix) – PAN
Magic Drum Orchestra - Dread nourishment – Tru-Thoughts
Tackhead Sound System OTW Christmas Party 6th December 1988 (extract)
African Head Charge - One Love One Heart (Alternate) – On U Sound pre-release
Vibronics - Dub is divine – Scoops pre-release
Yoruba Singers – Lingo - Cultures of Soul
Electro Retro Spectrum – Frontline - Stolen Body Records pre-release
Nordic Raga – Vidhonung - World Music Network
Bugge Wesseltoft & Prins Thomas - Norte de Brasil - Smalltown Supersound
Bunny Lee/Prince Jammy/The Aggrovators - A Mighty dub – Pressure Sounds
Bunny Lee/Prince Jammy/The Aggrovators - Babylon dub – Pressure Sounds
Lightman - Fortuna (Discomix)­ - Helmi
Orville Smith & Riz All Stars - Builders temple (Dubplate mix) -
Partial Records
Ulrich Troyes - Dolomite dub - 4Bit Productions 4Bit

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Playlist - 24th November 2018

BBC Sounds

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar  No.1 (China mix) - Leghorn
Nazar - South Border - Hyperdub
DJ Lag - Step Culo - Goon Club All Stars
DJ Lag & Epic B - Going Modd - Swing Ting
RS Producoes - Caipirinha - Principe
Turantula - Afro Lyra - Personal Theatre
Mark Stewart & the Maffia - May I - Mute
Kinlaw & Franco Franco - Cuore molle palle mosce - Bokeh Versions
Lo-Kindre - PKD - Byrd Out
DJ Paypal - Slim Trak VIP - Brainfeeder
Les Klyne - geosynklyne - Self-release
Mkwaju Ensemble - Lemore - We Release Whatever the Fuck We Want
Myakkah - Never backwards - Disktopia
Maxine Funke - Bulbs and perennials - Feeding Tube Records
JASSS - Parental youth - iDeal
J.D.Meatyard - The Batchain Puller - Probe Plus
Refree - LGO 28022017 - tak:til
Skinny Girl Diet - Western civilisation - Fiasco Recordings
The Saxophones - Chants desesperement - Full Time Hobby
Michele Mercure - Ghosts before breakfast - RVNG Intl
Luc Ferrari - Nada - Mana
OneOhTrix Point Never - Last know image of a song (Ryuichi Sakamoto rework) - Warp Records
Monty Adkins - Spiral paths - Huddersfield Contemporary Records
Lafidki - Som pream ___ ____ - Bezirk
NYZ - SHFTR_CA*36LAMBDOMA - The Death of Rave
INRA - Free powersnacks in the co-working space - Pinkbox Teleport
Julia Kent - Imbalance – Leaf BAY

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Playlist - 17th November 2018

BBC Sounds

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar  Pt.1 (China mix) – Leghorn
Versa – Seed – ZamZam Records
General Levy - Most high, clean heart (Fresh Clean dub) – Ariwa
Bush Chemists - Pass it over dub – Partial Records
Ojah feat. Nik Torp – Mindset – Alchemy Dubs ALDBS
Riz All Stars - Rizistance dub - Partial Records
Dubmatix & Art-X - Killing dub (Art-X Melodica version) -
Sandeeno - True love – Intergalaktik
Digitaldubs - Estudando o dub feat Tom Ze and Lee "Scratch" Perry –
Ojah feat Liam Partial – Forward – Partial Records
Dub Syndicate feat. Andy Fairley - Cuss cuss version – On U Sound
Jacob Miller - False Rasta - Greensleeves Records
Jah Butty - Commercial Rasta - Greensleeves Records
Rockers All Stars - Hungry town skank - Greensleeves Records
Rothadam - I was born to be a rebel – Shella Records
Aggrovators - Roots Jamaica dub – Shella Records
Dhafer Youssef - Ruby like wine - Anteprima ‎no number
Gorgeous Bully - I'll be true – Breakfast Records
Group Ecole Tudu – Arikawat – Sahel Sounds
Building Instrument - Rygge rygge la la – Hubro
Earth Roots & Water – Liberation – Light in the Attic
Noel Ellis - Hail Selassie – Light in the Attic
The Mighty Diamonds - I need a roof – Virgin
The Heptones - I hold the handle - Soul Jazz Records
Brown Sugar - Our reggae music – Soul Jazz Records
Sharon Forrester - Love inside (DJ Rap mix) – FFRR

Thursday, November 15, 2018

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