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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Playlist - 15th January 2022



Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Ikoqwe - The Infinite (O Infinito) - Crammed Discs (The Beginning, The Medium, The End and The Infinite)
Sangre Nueva - Sincero - Worldwide Unlimited (Goteo)
Space Afrika - B£E ft Blackhaine - Dais Records (Honest Labour)
Bruna Mendez - Pele de Sal ft. Tuyo - 180g & Disk Union (Corpo Possível)
Jana Rush - Moanin - Planet Mu (Painful Enlightenment)
Clarice Jensen - Summer - Fat-Cat (Ainu Mosir)
Lea Bertucci - On Opposite Sides of Sleep - Self Released (Visible Length of Light)
Pauline Anna Strom - The Pulsation - RVNG INtl (Angel Tears in Sunlight)
Mabe Fratti - Que Me Hace Saber Esto - Unheard of Hope (Será Que Ahora Podremos Entendernos)
Ahmedou Ahmed Lowla - Bembara - Sahel Sounds (Terrouzi)
Meitei - Happyaku-yachō - Kitchen Label (Kofū II)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - OUR SIDE HAS TO WIN (for D.H.) - Constellation (G d s Pee AT STATE S END)
Dean McPhee - Eskdale Path - Hood Faire (Witch's Ladder)
Nat Birchall - Paladins - Ancient Archive of Sound (Ancient Africa)

Wah Wah Collectif  - Thiante - Sahel Sounds (Yaral Sa Doom)
Eboni Band - I love all - We Are Busy Bodies (Eboni Band)
Eamon the Destroyer - Silver Shadow – Bearsuit Records (A Small Blue Car)
Camper van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling - Optic Nerve

QOQEQA - QOQEQA - Kebrada (Axuxa)
QOQEQA - Puntea - Kebrada (Axuxa)
Risqué III - Risqué Madness - Dark Entries (Essence Of A Dream)
Burial - Shadow Paradise - Hyperdub (Antidawn EP)


Saturday, January 08, 2022

Playlist - 8th January 2022 - Funkology



 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Tamil Rogeon - Momus (Rebecca Vasmant Remix) - Soul Bank Music
K.O.G. aka Kweku Of Ghana - Shidaa - Heavenly Sweetess
Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy - Doose Mam – Philophon
Acid Coco - Mundo De Mentira - El Palmas Music
Quantic & Nidia Góngora - Adiós Chacón - Tru Thoughts (Almas Conectadas)

Andy - New, Recent, Vintage Funkology mix for January 2022

Taggy Matcher - Radioactivity - Stix
Cerrone - Hooked On You - Black Sun
Coast To Coast Band - Funkin' Coast To Coast - Athens Of The North
Orgone - Vice Yard - 3 Palm Records
Gizelle Smith - Time Is Right For Love - Soul Seed Records
Pigeon - Yagana - Soundway
LTF - King of Funk - Rucksack Records
Abase - Awo Ossanyin - Oshu Records
Ashford & Simpson - Stay Free (Dimitri From Paris Remix) - Warner Brothers
Bacao Rhythm Steel Band - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight - Big Crown Records

Krokofant + Ståle Storløkken and Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - Watcher Of The Fries - Runegrammofon
Sex Magick Wizards - Qliphoth Chokehold - RuneGrammofon (Your Bliss My Joy)

Sly and Robbie - Bom Dub - Silver Camel (Ranking Dread in Dub)
Kreidler - Arise above - Bureau b
Purbayan Chaterjee – Lalitha (The Joyful Mother) – Sufiscore (Unbounded-- 'Abaad')
El Dragon Criollo - La Numero Uno - El Palmas Music (Pase lo Que Pase)

Arthur Lyman - Shells - Aloha Got Soul (Island Vibes)
Tempura the Purple Boy & Edgar Valente - Macelada – Bandua

Pete – New & Revives Funkology Mix for January 2022
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders, LSO - Movement 7 - Universal Music
James Taylor Quartet feat Omar - After The Dance - Acid Jazz
J Dilla - Think Twice - BBE Music
Lance Ferguson - Far Beyond - Freestyle Records
Suprise Chef - New Ferrari - Mr Bongo
Slave - Just A Touch Of Love (MAW Mix) - Atlantic
Dovie Cote - My Desire - Alleviated Music
Kelli Sae - Good Love - Reel People Music
David Benoit - Life Is Just A Samba (Danny Krivit Edit) - AVI Music
Earth Wind & Fire - Can't Hide Love (MAW Mix) – CBS

Richard Caiton - Listen To The Drums - Rocafort Records
Kuna Maze - Raw Beef - Tru Thoughts (My Fish Is Burning EP)
Miles Davis – Sugar Ray – CBS (Champions: Rare Miles from the Complete Jack Johnson Sessions)


Saturday, January 01, 2022

Playlist - 1st January 2022


 Every year as we move in December I ask Jim if he's up for doing a mix, then I remind him a couple of times and at last he finally agrees to put one together. The reason I persist is that I love the mixes Jim does, always revolving around dub techno and techno dub, so its usually a mesmerising listen with none of the selections having been played in the previous year's editions of On the Wire. As usual Jim does not let us down with this year's set which will, as always, get ripped onto CD and installed in the car stereo - there's nothing better than dubtechno for driving ....

On the Wire would not get on air, or onto the net, were it not for the invaluable efforts of Jim, long may he reign .....

Steve Barker
New Year's Day 2022


 Dubbing Sun - The Crown Prince - Killa Sound
Another Channel - Ain't No Sun - Killa Sound
Another Channel - Ain't No Sun (Version) Killa Sound
Bobby Konders - Lickshot Rewind - Now Thing 2 - Chrome
Seekersinternational - SoundboyThunderbolt - Presents Ragga Preservation Society
jog mode - trackTWO  - JOGMODE
Michel Banabila - Balafon Dub - Echo Transformations
Joaquín Cornejo - Las Frutas - Las Frutas EP
Joaquín Cornejo - Las Frutas (Vapor Mix) - Las Frutas EP
Sofia Kourtesis - La Perla - Fresia Magdalena - Technicolour
SND & RTN -  Down The Rabbit Hole - ECHO LTD
J.S.Zeiter - Kinetic (Version) - MCMLXV
Hydergine - Augmented Reality (Reshape) - Augmented Reality EP (10 Years Reissue) - Ranges
Reece Cox - Emotion 1 -Kulør
Barker - E7-E5 - BARKER002  
Ben Böhmer - Beyond Beliefs - Anjunadeep
AceMoMA  - Group Meditation - A Future
Orion - Dear Blue - Cinque - Orion Records
Shadi Megallaa & Omar Fayyad - OPP (Other People's Perceptions) (Rhauder Remix) - E.X.P EP - Ark To Ashes
Steve O'Sullivan - Elemental Dub (feat. Conforce & Prince Morella) - Dimensions 2 - Sushitech Records
Mike Schommer - The Huron Lady (Echoton Remix) - Downtown
Giacomo Pellegrino - Golfe De Santa Giulia - Dub Experience - Detroit Side
nthng - Encounters at the End of the World - Unfinished - Lobster Theremin
Sky H1 - Elysian Heights - Azure - AD 93
Thomas Fehlmann - Umarmt - Böser Herbst - Kompakt
Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan - Gateway To The North - Interim Report, March 1979
NWAQ - Above I - Above EP
Abul Mogard - In Immobile Air - In Immobile Air
Ben Seretan  - Cicada Waves 1 - Cicada Waves


Saturday, December 25, 2021

Playlist - 25th December 2021 - Scratch On the Wire - Retrieved, re-mastered and Re-edited



 This programme was originally broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire on 23rd October 1993 as a special On the Wire and as part of our long series of reggae and dub shows. Only now existing as a cassette copy, the audio has been retrieved, re-mastered and re-edited for a reappearance on Christmas Day 2021 as the first part of a tribute series in honour of our old friend Lee “Scratch” Perry who sadly passed earlier this year. More parts will be coming from Noel Hawks, Mick Sleeper, Adrian Sherwood and hopefully David Katz and Steve Barrow. The story behind this recording is that Adrian Sherwood and I planned to record Scratch “as DJ” when he made one of his irregular trips to London. One morning Adrian called me to let me know Scratch would be in the studio later in the day, so I literally had just a couple of hours to list the tunes. I shouted the titles down the phone, Adrian called them out to Scratch who then improvised the links and introductions. I got a DAT sent up to Blackburn and edited the show together. It obviously could have been a better selection and sequencing, but time was short then and we know more now! 

Thanks to Andrew Smith for tape recovery, Adrian for the liaison and voicing recordings, Jethro for his longtime stalwart support especially these days with his unending construction of the On the Wire archive site, Jim Ingham for all his work on getting shows on the air and on the net and last of all to the magical, mystical and far from mad Lee Perry for his unique take on music and life itself ….

Steve Barker
December 2021


 Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar Pt1 - Leghorn
The Congos - Congoman / Congoman chant - Black Swan
Upsetters - Bucky Skank - Downtown
Lee Perry the Upsetter - Freak Out Skank - Justice League
Leo Graham / Upsetters - News Flash / Flashing Echo - Underground
Max Romeo - Norman the Gambler - Black Art
Upsetters - Blackboard JungleDub (Ver.1) - Upsetter
Upsetters - White Belly Rat - Upsetter
The Congos - Nicodemus/version - Upsetter
Lee Perry - Roast Duck - C and N Records
Winston Prince & Junior Byles - Place called Africa version 3/version - Justice League
U Roy - Double Six - Trojan
Debra Keese & the 5 Black - Travelling - Upsetter
Bob Marley & the Wailers - Small Axe - Upsetter
The Heptones - Mystery Babylon - Hep Hep
Prince Jazzbo - Croaking Lizard - Island
Junior Delgado / The Upsetters - Sons of Slaves / Sons of Dub - Black Art
Lee Perry - City Too Hot/version - Upsetter
Lee Perry - Bionic Rats/version - Upsetter
Dave Barker & the Upsetters - Shocks of Mighty - Trojan
Dave Barker - Set Me Free - Trojan
Lee Perry - Soul Fire - Upsetter
George Faith - Midnight Hour - Island
Lee Perry - Baffling Smoke Signal - Black Art
Lloyd & Devon / The Upsetters - Wolf Out Deh / Shepherd Rod - Black Art
Augustus Pablo - Vibrate On - Black Art
Lee Perry & Dub Syndicate - Train to Doomsville - On U Sound
Lee Perry Message live On the Wire 16th December 1984
Junior Murvin - Police and Thieves - Island
Lee Perry - Welcome Aboard - Heartbeat
Raphael Green & Dr. Alimantado - Rastaman Train - Upsetter
King Scratch - Dread Lion - white
Lee “Scratch” Perry - Seven Devils Dead - Island

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Les's Christmas Card


Saturday, December 18, 2021

Playlist - 18th December 2021

 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Tangerine Dream - Raum – kscope
Andy Fairley - Your Best Tune - On U Sound pre-release (PIAB8)
Mark Stewart - Storm Crow - On U Sound pre-release (PIAB8)
The Bug ft. Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods - Treetop - Ninja Tunes
Huerco S - Plonk – Incensio
Nicolas Gaunin - Vaitakere - Moon Glyph (Hulala Kāne)
Para One - Shin Sekai (Actress Remix) - Animal63
Valery Vermeulen - Mikromedas 05 - Ash International
Weekend - The End Of The Affair - Lantern Records (La Variete)
Yuji Toriyama - Stranger In The Mirror - Time Capsule (Choice Works 1982 - 1985)
Princess Diana of Wales - Fragments of Blue - A Colourful Storm
Galya Bisengalieva - Barsa-Kelmes (Actress Remix) – Bandcamp
FFT - disturb roqe 2 - Numbers (Disturb Roqe)
Łukasz Polowczyk / Margo Sanda - Chroma Key - Book/Design Object/Audio
Debit - 2nd Day - Modern Love (The Long Count)
Recent Arts (Tobias Freund and Valentina Berthelon) - Invisible Waves - Reiten (Hypertext)
Matchess - Almost Gone (Excerpt) - Drag City (Sonoscent)

Howe Gelb - Severe Season – Fire Records
Snow Poet - Snow – Edition (Thought You Knew)
Arthur Russell - A Sudden Chill - Orange Mountain Music (Another Thought)
The Peggy Lee Band - All I really want to do - Srio Audio (New Code)
Bhajan Boy - Polar Wind - Wormer Bros Records (Bless Bless)
Desmond Decker - Peace on the Land - Doctor Bird (You Can Get It If You Really Want)

Eli Kesler - Scary Theme - Deeper Into Movies Records (The Scary of Sixty First)
Tim Hecker - Delirious Hunt - Invada (The North Water OST)
Selekta Ka - Nou Woukou Mansé A Zero (1981) - Time Capsule - (Lèsprit Ka - New Directions in Gwoka Music from Guadeloupe 1981-2010)
Arushi Jain - The Sun Swirls Within You - Bandcamp(Under the Lilac Sky)
Joost Dijkema - The Chap From Wrytree – Bandcamp (An Arm Around Jack Frost)
Jeff Parker - Four Folks - International Anthem (Forfolks)

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Playlist - 11th December 2021



Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Sly & Robbie - Unmetered Taxi - Channel One
Taxi Gang - Watermelon Man - Taxi.mp3
Sly & Robbie - Santa Barbara – Taxi
The Taxi Gang - Beardman Beat – Taxi
Sly & Robbie - Wash wash version – Taxi
Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang - Revolution Dub – Taxi
The Tamlins and Sly & Robbie - Baltimore (Extended)/Sly & Robbie in Dub – Taxi
Blue Mitchell - Last Tango In Paris - WeWantSounds (Mainstream Funk)
Jembaa Groove - Bassa Bassa - Agogo Records (Susuma)

Andy - Brass Construction United Artists 1975-1977
What's On Your Mind
Get To The Point
Tomorrow Is Now
Ha Cha Cha
Get It Together
(all United Artists)

The Miracles - The Monkey Time - Ace (People Get Ready - The Curtis Mayfield Songbook)
Abiodun Oyewole - Occupy (featuring Mosi) - Afar (Gratitude)

Avalanche Kaito - Repas du cobra – Glitterbeat (Dabalpmuni EP)
The Jazz Butcher – Time - Tapete Records (The Highest in the Land)
Islandman - Tarhamine Assinegh - Music for Dreams (Godless Ceremon)
George Thorogood and the Destroyers - One bourbon, one scotch, one beer -  Rounder (George Thorogood and the Destroyer)

Noro Morales - Vitamina - Rocafort Records (Latin Underground Revolution Vol 3 - Ansonia Records Rare Groove - Mambo, Boogaloo, Decarga & Salsa from NYC 1960 - 1976)
Contento - En Lancha Pal Futuro - El Palmas (En Lancha Pal Futro)
Tout Bleu - Rucksucre - Bongo Joe (Otium)
Cyril Cyril - Frankie - Bongo Joe

Pete - NU & Recent Dec 2021
Paul Johnson & Daz I-Kue - Celebrate - Area Boy Music
Sean Khan - A Love Supreme - BBE Music
Malik Alston - Painted Pictures - Jazz Diaries Recordings
Dames Brown, Andres, Amp Fiddler - What Would You Do - Defected Records
Emmaculate - Cosmic Funk Casbah '73 Mix – Rednight Reecordings
Andrea Riccio, Cristian Giustini - Lexi (Afrobeat Mix) - Traxsource
Doug Willis - Doug's Disco Theme 9 - Z Records
Jovonn, Kenny Bobien - Strong Enough - Nextmoov Records
Blaze, Louie Vega - Joshua's Jam (DJ Erv Rework) - Vega Records
Masters At Work - It's What We Live, It's What We Are - MAW Records

Atakora Manu - Dada - BBE Music (Omintiminim & Afro Highlife)
Al Doum & the Faryds - Woodstock - Black Sweat (Freaky People).