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Sunday, May 21, 1989

Nana Vasconcelos - Futebol
(Note: Burnley - As Near As We Get)
The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy
(Note: Guy Lovelady, Steve Redhead, Fenny)
Asher Sevator - The Big Match
Blammo - Drastic Plastic
Rocking Johnny Austin - Going Back To Derby
(I, Ludicrous - Moynihan Bring Out The Hooligan In Me)
(Frank Sidebottom - Football Medley)
Barmy Army - Billy Bonds MBE
Jorge Ben - Ponta De Lanca Africano
Albanian World Cup Squad - Albania Albania
Liverpool FC - Anfield Rap
Trinity - Football Match
Don Fardon - Belfast Boy
Real Sounds of Africa - Dynamo vs Caps (0-0)
Too Much Texas - Nobby Stiles (Heart Of Jesus)
Carey Johnson - Correction Train
Tackhead - The Game (Political Dub)

The two tracks in brackets are inserted as artists only on the playlist, however they both appear on the compilation "Bananas!" (Rodney, 1989), which was featured in this show, and was brought in by Guy Lovelady.

"Correction Train" is the source of the oft-used OTW sting "This is your popular station where your music comes first".

Also near the end is an interview with Fenny reporting from the first leg of the Football League Second Division playoff between Blackburn Rovers and Watford.

BBC Radio Lancashire split frequencies on this occasion, with OTW being broadcast on FM, and presumably on MW was commentary of the match.

Thanks to Jethro