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Saturday, March 11, 2000

Playlist - 11th March 2000

T Power --Cuba --(Botchit & Scarper)
Waveform --King of the beat --(TCR)
Lee Scratch Perry --Papa rapa --(Are We Mad)
Matrix --Gap the mind --(Virus)
Lexi Love --Nigeria --(Second Skin)
Blowpipe --Epilogue --(Harmsonic)
Juryman --The Ehtiopian --(SSR)
Jimmy Castor Bunch --Troglodyte --(Camden)
Mark B & Blade --Don't see the signs --(Wordplay)
AG --Weed scented --(Silver Dom)
Red Dragon --We run tings --(Palm Pictures)
DJ Magic Mike --M&Ms #1 --(Mo Wax)
The Willow Band --Willowman --(Epic)
Tommy Sims --New jam --(Universal)
Jasper St.Co. --Till I found you --(Basement Boys)
Kenny Dope --Can you handle it --(Barely Breaking)
Patti Jo --Make me believe in you --(Harmless)
Masters at Work --Brazilian beat --(Mr Bongo)
Max Flava --Rodney we will remember --(Wize Guyz)
Mark Bell --Absolution --(CDR)
Lynden David Hall --Forgive me --(Cooltempo)
The Madd Rapper --Ghetto --(Columbia)
Phil Perry --For my love --(Private)
Non Phixion --Black Helicopters --(Matador)
People Under the Stairs --Youth Explosion --(Om)

Fenny's Selection

Lea Nicholson --The concertina record. -(Lasst unserfreuen.Jamring.com)
South African Rhythm Riot --The indestructable beat of soweto vol 6.Track 2 Sabothoka Isidudla by Ihashi Elimhlophe. -(Earthworks)
Sonovac 7" --Human fly. -(Flesh records)