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Saturday, March 04, 2000

Playlist - 4th March 2000

Bunny Rugs/Upsetters --Hip version --(Tabou1)
The Ethiopians --My testimony --(Trojan )
Anthony Johnson --Gun shot --(Midnight Rock)
Soothsayer --Living in Brooklyn --(Amethyst)
Dr.Israel --Life in the ghetto --(Amethyst)
Seven Dub --Melo --(Echo)
Trinity --Rasta determination --(Blood & Fire)
Thomas Newman --Dead already --(Dreamworks)
Curd Duca --Quiet nights --(Wire Tapper)
Hillbilly VoodooDolls --All fried up --(Blue Loon)
Super Chikan --Willie Brown Jr. --(Fat Possum)
Mira Calix --Skin with me --(Warp)
Process --Plysu --(FatCa)t
Black Star Liner --Killah Connection --(Echo Beach)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion --Greyhound Pt2 --(Mute)
Blues "XXX" man ----(Mute)
Rebel Crew --Show nuff --(Sunburn)
Asian Dub Foundation --Rebel warrior --(CDR)
Dub Syndicate --Substyle --(On U Sound)
Creation Rebel --Starship Africa --(On U Sound)
Singer & Players --A matter of time --(On U Sound)
Bongwater --Obscene and pornographic art --(Shimmy Disc)