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Sunday, July 30, 2000

Playlist - 30th July 2000

David Abir -Movement A Study 33 -(Sulphur)
Isotope 217 -Space krikts -(Thrill Jockey)
Blue States -Arion -(Memphis)
Soul Static Sound -Tiksi -(Soul Static)
23 Skidoo -Kendang -(Virgin)
Maju -Dust it off and make sure which way is up -(Extreme)
Pan-American -Double rail -(BlastFirst)
Electronicat -New jerk -(Noise Museum)
Kit Clayton -Reins -(~Scape)
Biosphere -When I leave -(Touch to:)
Kieran Phelon & David Sheppard -Theme from Cardinal menthol -(Leaf)
Domain -On a clear day . -(CDR)
King Tubby & Aggrovators -21 gun salute to brother Marcus -(Jackpot)
I Roy -Education for free -(Puppy)
King Tubbys -Travellers under heavy manners -(Travellers)
Thievery Corporation -Focus on sught -(4AD)
Church Triumphant of Jah Rastafari -White boy a follower -(Heartbeat)
Master Musician of Jajouka with Bachit Attar -The magic of peace -(Point)
Dubuccaneers -Morgan -(Form & Function)
Pole vs Four Tet -Cload -(Leaf)
Louis & Bebe Barron -Forbidden planet - Main Title -(Small Planet)