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Saturday, July 13, 2002

Playlist - 13th July 2002 - Funkology

Mojo Magazine -The Score Compilation LP-
Shaun Escottely -Payslick Full -(Oyster)
Ball Samba -So Tired of Waiting -
Terry Walker -Cuing - Cuing -Def Soul
K-Rob feat Bobbi Depasols -2 Nite (Rmx) -(Cafe de Soul)
Donna Garder -Home (Rmx) -(Dome) CDR
Jesse Henderson -I did it Again -(Count)
Francois K -Choice -(Azuli)
Carolyn Sullivan -Dead -(Spectrum)
Bag of Goodies -Joe Jones -(Sweetback)
Lonnie Liston Smith -Journey into Love -(Columbia)
Eddie Bo -To the Middle -(Hubbub)
Marrus Enuchson + E-Man -I am the Road -(MAW)
Stephanie Cooke -I Thank you -(King)
Gwen McRae -Keep the Fire Burning -(WEA)
Dongu Jones -My Head -(Arsita)
Steve Harvey -Morrison Slick -(MCA)
Terrilauka -Drawing Board -(Def Soul)
Blaze -Spiritual -Supn Sude CDR
George Benson -When LOve Comes Calling -(GRP)
Pucho and Latin Soul -Superfreak -(Cubop)