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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Playlist - 30th November 2002

Bad Card-Noise Polluter-(On U Sound)
Dubclash-Dark Star of Dub-(Dubhead)
Dub Syndicate-It's Blessed-(On U Sound)
Rubicks -Move Away-(Balloon Records)
Valvola -Zoom Wave-(S.H.A.D.O)
The Fuji-Miss You Midnight Train-(Gramaphone Records)
Lazarus Clamp-Some Rivals-(Sorted)
Rocket Reducer-Spread Yourself-(Expensive Recordings)
Captain Beefheart-Beatle Bones 'n'Smokin Stones-(Camden Originals)
The Lollies-Flavah of the week-(Fortune and Glory)
The Lollies-Call the girls-(Fortune and Glory)
The Lollies-Big massive **** off attitude-(Fortune and Glory)
Mark Stewart-The Lunatics are taking over the asylum-(On U Sound)
The Black Neon-Your B side-(Memphis Industries)
HIM-Out here (mix by Susumu Yokota)-(Fat Cat)
Love Grocer-Under the stars-(Dubhead)
Ninjaman-Me a go Ride-(Jet Star)
Mungos Hi-Fi meets Brother Culture-Flag pole day-(Dubhead)
Beenie Man-Gospel Time-(Jet Star)
Dawn of the Replicants-Rockerfeller Centre 1932-(Flying Sparks)
The Cinematic Orchestra-Horizon-(Ninja Tune)
Big Two Hundred-Your Personal Filth-(DC Recording)
Doraine Muraille-Mani-(Fat Cat)
Wigwam-Dear Shepherd-(Peace Corps)
Timbre Hollow-The Machine-(New Albion)