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Saturday, March 29, 2003

Playlist - 29th March 2003

George McCrae -I get lifted -(Soul Jazz Records) -
James Knight & the Butlers -Funky cat -"
Kelly Joe Phelps -Cardboard box of batteries -(Ryko)
John Handcock -There is mean things happening -(Document)
Smokey Smother -The case is closed -(Ace)
Muddy Waters -Tom cat -(Chess)
Henry Flynt -Echo rock -(Locust)
DJ Spooky -Asphalt -(Thirsty Ear)
Dj Spooky/Twilight Circus -Variation Cybernetique -(Thirsty Ear)
Charlie Hunter Quintet -Oakland -(Ropeadope)
Port Sulphur -Wave Noise -(Creeping Bent)
Makale -Makalintro/Salla -(Barbarity)
Deadbeat -Organ in the attic sings the blues -(~scape)
Tommy Guerrero -Abiento -(Mo Wax)
Lord Alibaski -Top Gun -(Ultimate Dilemma)
45 King -Funk Box -(Ultimate Dilemma)
Syran Mbenza-Mbote Ya Damba-(Stern's Africa)
Nuspirit Helsinki-Makoumba-(Guidance)
Alabama 3-Reachin-(One Little Indian)
Ad Vanderveen-Everything is Free-(Unique Gravity)
The Kills--(Domino)
Stiffed-What you gon do-(Cool Hunter)
Anders Parker-Still Dream-(Munich Records)
Pilot to Gunner-We got games at High Speeds-(Rykodisc)
Kelly Joe Phelps-Slingshot Professionals-(Rykodisc)
Morphine-You look like rain-(Rykodisc)
Dayna Kurtz-Somebody Leave Light On-(Munich Records)
Little Axe-Long way to go-(On U Sound)
Al Gromer Khan-Airwave-(Intuition)
Camper Van Beethoven-Take the Skinheads Bowling-(Cooking Vinyl)
Culture-Tribal War-(RAS)
Tere Quartet-Diplomat Waltz-(World Music Network)