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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Playlist - 26th July 2003

Includes a Detroit Special from The Listening Room (Neil Robbins)

Cosmic rocker -dub -(echo beach)
Alien dread -blood knot -(reggee retro)
Ab 10 -patriot dub -(suhinas sounds)
Songs from the ground -new day (dub) -(nettwerk)
Bluey -oceans unknown -(golden bay records)
Municipal -pressure points -(unreleased promo)
Esplendor geometrica -tras la innovacion technica -(geometrik)
78 bpm -anger -(Silent agreement)
Wang lei -belleville -(unreleased)
Me:mo -fireworks -(fruity tunes)
Kid Bob-The Ilness-(Tigerbeat)
Melt Banana-Outro for cellscape-(A-ZA Records)
Tony Conrad-Process Three of Fantastci Glissando-(Table of Elements)
Dopplerekket-Photo injector-(International Deejay Gigalo Records)
Alva Noto-Transrapid EP - -(Raster Noton)
Abstract Though-Solar Pulse-(Kombination Research)
DJ 3000-Clutch-(Motech)
Komet -90-(Audio.nl)
Carl Craig-Tres Demented-(Planet e)
I Am Bericochea-RB-(Minus Inc)
As One-Contours-(Ubiquity)
Flexitone-Moist-(Spectral Sound)
Farben-Stuck-(Klang Elektonik)
Moodymann-On my way home-(Peacefrog)
Anders Ilar-Endast-(Audio.nl)
Claude Young-Days of Old-(Elypsia Records)
Otto Von Schirach-Benedict Sinclair-(Schematic)
Chaz Vincent-Human Powered Flight-(Planet E)
Stacey Pullen-Juke-(Science)
Anthony Shakir-The Old way-(Seventh City Records)
Optic Nerve-Detroit Night Drive-(Delsin Records)