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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Playlist - 27th September 2003 - Baked Goods

Rene Lowe & Paul St. Hilaire -Faith -(False Tuned)
Rhythm & Sound Feat Chosen Brothers -Mash Down Babylon-(Burial Mix)
BOY ROBOT Feat FAITHFUL -Set It For Me -(City Centre Offices)
Chronomad -Sefid -(Alien Transistor)
Manyfingers -Ballybane-(Moteer)
Greg Davies -Pinecone Accumulation-(Neo Ouija)
Antennae -In My Room (Instrumental) -(Botanica Del Jibaro)
Yy -Back It Up -(Peanuts & Corn)
Non Prophets -The Cure-(Lex)
Remote Viewer -Untitled... (instrumental version of a track from a forthcoming EP)-(City Centre Offices)
Arovane -Untitled (track from forthcoming LP) -(City Centre Offices)
Meat Beat Manifesto -Radio Babylon (DHS Mix) -(Tino Corp)
Shadetek -Untitled -(Shadetek)
Pendle Coven -Jaunty Angle-(Modern Love)
Claro Intelecto -Untitled (from forthcoming album) -(Ai)
Dez Williams -Spex -(SCSI-AV)
Greenbank -My Computer-(Benbecula)
Ben Milstein -Unknown at present from 'Procrastinate EP' -(Outside)
Porn Sword Tobacoo -Untitled #8 -(City Centre Offices)
Donato Wharton -Angels -(City Centre Offices)
Swod -Untitled -(City Centre Offices)
Madd Chinese Drunk -Untitled -(Modern Love)