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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Playlist - 28th August 2004

Burka Band -Burka blue -Monika
Kronos Quartet -El llorar -Nonesuch
Tinariwen -Dualahila ar tesninah -IRL
Isiah Owens -I'll fly away -Casequarter
Troubleman -Strikehard -Far Out faro
Jolie Holland -Old fashioned morphine -Anti
Cleoma Falcon -Blues negres -Kein & Aber
Blind Mamie Forehand -Honey in the rock -Bluebird
Nico -Frozen warnings -Alchemy Magic
John Fahey -Steamboat qwine 'round de bend -Takoma
Leo Kottke -Jesus Maria -Bluebird
Go Team-Get it Together-Memphis Industries
The Bug Ft. Warrior Queen-World War 3-Rephlex
Creation Rebel-Rising Star-On U Sound
Eek-a-Mouse-Keep Accusing Me-Greensleeves
Errol Dunkley-A Little Way Different-Trojan
FJ and the Living Souls-Salungano-Nascente
Introducing Sukke-Santa Klog-World Circuit
Samia Farah-Homesick Blues-On U Sound
Introducing Vakoka-Vorondolo-World Circuit
M Craft-Emily Snow - Track 3-678 Recordings
Noakes Pressure-Lounge Philosophy Pt1-Projector Records
Vacuum Boys-Wack Ass Alien Creeps-TM
Mr 76ix-OL4-Skam
Amon Tobin-Intro-Ninja Tunes
Mclusky-London whine Company-Too pure
Upon Cycles- -
Dastan Trio-Prelude to-Arc
Quandrant-Hyperism (at 33rpm)-Planet E