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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Playlist - 25th March 2006 - Baked Goods

TEAM SHADETEK feat 77KLASH & JAHDAN - Brooklyn Anthem (Sound-Ink)
OH NO, KRS-ONE and RICCI RUCKER - Boogie Down Ox (Operation Unknown)
ARTIST UNKNOWN - Chinese Popular Song (Machinefabriek)
MACHINEFABRIEK - Ryan (Machinefabriek)
MACHINEFABRIEK - Somerset (Lampse)
BURIAL - Distant Lights (Hyperdub)
ANDY STOTT - Choke (Modern Love)
BENGA - Dominion (Benga Beats)
STACS OF STAMINA - Roll (Wonder's Remix Instrumental)
SHORELINE - Shipwrecked (Yesternow)
RICKARD JÄVERLING - Heavenly Birds Pt 2 (Yesternow)
SIR RICHARD BISHOP - Space Prophet Dogon (No-Fi)
CORKER CONBOY - The Crossing (Blue Eyes Music)
FRANCOIS TETAZ - Abysmal Horizon (Rubber)
CLIFF MARTINEZ - Will She Come Back (Superb)
BLACKDOWN - Lata (Keysound)
ATKI2 - Guilty Pleasures (DJ Pinch Remix) (Werk)
OMEN - Rebellion (Tectonic)
DOMINIC FRASCA - Lefty's Elegy (Cantaloupe)
RICHARD LEO JOHNSON - Love and Trouble (Cuneiform)
SHORELINE - A Second Thought (Yesternow)
THE GENTLEMEN LOSERS - Gold Dust Afternoon (Büro)
LARSEN - The Snow (Important)
PAAVOHARJU - Tartu Tähän Hetkeen (www.miasmah.com)
HUSH ARBORS - The Werewolf Om (Digitalis)
DIANE CLUCK - Save Me (Important)
DJ OLIVE - Sleep (Excerpt) - (Room40)