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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Playlist 26th September 2009

Stephen Hitchell (Echospace, Intrusion, Variant) Live Set for: On The Wire: www.echospacedetroit.com

cv313 "Space" (Unreleased Live Mix) Echospace
Intrusion "Untitled" (Unreleased) Echospace
Intrusion "Untitled" (Unreleased) Echospace
Intrusion "Untitled" (Unreleased) Echospace
Intrusion "Untitled" (Unreleased) Echospace
Echospace "Spatial Dimension" (cv313 Unreleased Live Mix)
Lofi Soundsystem "De Lion's Den" Intrusion
Intrusion "Kingston's Burning Dub"

Kevin Nutt - CaseQuarter Records & Sinners Crossroads (wfmu)

Evangelistic Soul Seekers - What Can I Tell Him Now (Gospel)
Rev Izear Espie - Radio Broadcast excerpt
Mighty Gospel Imperials - I've Got Jesus (Maeberry)
Echoes of Zion - In the Wilderness (Smash)
Hollis Family - Old Zion (Hodgeville)
Elder Billy Hall - There Are Some Folk Out There (radio braodcast excerpt)
Sensational Golden Stars of Chicago - I've Been Born Again (HLF)
Echoes of Glory - You Can't Change Me (Su-Ann)
Kelly Brothers - Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray (Federal)
Isaiah Owens - You Without Sin Cast the First Stone (CaseQuarter)
Rev Izear Espie - Spiritual Workshop (radio broadcast excerpt)
Joseph Johnson and the CBS Trumpeteers - The Mighty Number (HSE)
John Boswell and the True Sounding Boswellettes - The Very Last Mile (radio broadcast excerpt)
Rev Drayton - By and By (C.O.G.I.C.)
Miles Specials - I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone (Gospel)
Jubilee Hummingbirds - Will the Lord Be With Me (Designer)
Voices of Jordan - I Found the Lord (ARK)

CaseQuarter: http://www.aumfidelity.com/casequarter.html

WFMU: http://www.wfmu.org/

Chinese contemporary music mix by Yan Jun (Sub Jam)

Li Jianhong - Character of Dog (Bird, 2PI Records)
Punkgod - Revenge for People (Youth, WWRecords)
Xiao He - MTV Play (The Performance of Identity, Maybe Mars)
Wang Fan - Ana-Ray (unrelease)
WANG Changcun - Side One Cut 2 (The Klone Concerts, Post-Concrete)
Li Zenghui - Soprano Saxophone Two Minutes Forty-Two (Noise is Free, Kwanyin Records)
FM3 + Wu Junde + Guo Long + Yan Jun - live at Waterland Kwanyin no.13 (unrelease)
Huan Qing - Moon City Moon Light 1 (A Piece of Copper, Little Bar)
Zafka - Yong@He (Yong@He, Post-Concrete)

web site: http://www.yanjun.org
schedule: http://www.myspace.com/yanjunyanjun
label: http://www.subjam.org

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playlist 19th September 2009 - On the Wire is 25 Years old


Mike Martin
Jethro Binks
Steve Baldwin
Nick Shimmin
Gaynor Hegarty
Sarah Champion
Allison Martin
John Kerr
Roger Brough
Dr. Steve Redhead
Dr Alan Woods
Uncle Joe Wilson
Twin Boys
Mark E Smith
Mike Chapman
Ian Cooke
Christian Virant
Baked Goods Boys
Comix boys & girl
Black Banana
Brian Jackson
John Peel
Andy Kershaw
Harry Hawk
Terry C
Dr Starngedub
Eastern Bloc, Martin & Graham & 808 boys
Action, Gordon & AckerBoomkat, Shlom & Alex
Probe, Annie & Bob
Steve Hardstaff
Geoff Davies
Roger Eagle
Gary Hickson
Daniel Miller
Mrs Cakehead
Adrian Sherwood
Kishi Yamamoto
Blood & Fire boys, Dom, Bob and Steve Barrow
Alex Fenton
Brian Cox
Hovis Presley
Fredd Dootson
Phil & Mick Orch
Nigel Blackwell
John Tree
Buzz Bury
Pete Haigh
The Madhatter
Colin Joseph
Jah Wobble
Alan Bishop
Paul Rooney
Enrico la Rocca
Andrew Neal
Marvin Scott
Professor Les Scott
Neil Robbins
Phil Smith
John Cuckold
Astonihing Sounds
Beatherder Boys Nick & Tim
Gary Ward @ Darwen Music Festival
Richard Finlayson, Mr Wiz, Krispy
Gerry & Brenda Kenny
Dave Katz
Martin Kelner
Russell and Melissa at Dubhead
Ray Hurford
Paul Meme
John Eden
Laurent at WTM
Martin Mills
Annie Bandez
Alison at Southern
Tony, Chris and all at the Wire
Charlie Gillett
David Toop
Dennis Bovell
Jan & Christoph at Jahtari


Cup & Saucer - Hamba ntombi - Heritage
Dick Gaughan - Worker's song - Topic
Astor Piazzolla - Prologue (Tango Apasionado) - American Clave
Kode9 & Space Ape with Cha Cha - Purple smoke - Hyperdub
Glen Brown meets King Tubby - Prince on dub - Rock a Shacka
Junior Murvin - False Teachin' - Island pre release
Captain Beefheart & Frank Zappa - Orange Claw Hammer - Revenant
Force MDs - Forgive me girl - Tommy Boy
Bim Sherman - Mighty ruler - Love
Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood - His master's voice - On U Sound
Michael Prophet / Yabby You - Come mek we rally dub - Vivian Jackson
Bunny Wailer - Armagideon dub - Solomonic
Not Sensibles - Wrong love - Snotty Snail
The Fall - Wings - Rough Trade
R L Burnside - It's bad you know - Fat Possum Records
Half Man Half Biscuit - A lilac Harry Quinn - Probe Plus
Suns of Arqa - Paradisium in Dub - Arka SOund
Liz Torres - Mama's revenge - State Street Records
Ian King - from the forthcoming album "Panic Grass and Fever Few"
produced by Adrian Sherwood
Jeb Loy Nicholls - from the forthcoming album "Universal Traveller"
produced by Adrian Sherwood

DJ Pinch Mix

1. Henry & Louis ‘Sweet Paradise Dub’ (Pinch Exclusive Dubplate)
2. Peverelist ‘Die Brucke’ (Punch Drunk)
3. Peverelist & Pinch ‘Revival’ (forthcoming on Punch Drunk)
4. Pinch ‘Teleportation’ (Planet Mu)
5. Pinch & Pavel Ambiont ‘Jelly Bean’ (Dubplate)
6. Joker ‘Output One, Output Two’ (Dubplate)
7. Ben Neill ‘Afterimage’ (Pinch Remix) (forthcoming..)
8. Deleted Scenes ‘Stutter Dub’ (Deleted Scenes)
9. Jakes ‘Custard Cream’ (HENCH)
10. Jakes ‘Modem’ (Pinch Remix) (Dubplate)
11. Pinch ft Yolanda ‘Get Up’ (RSD Remix) (forthcoming on Tectonic)
12. Smith & Mighty ‘Closer’ (!K7)

Kode9 - Bubble'n'Squeak Mix

1. M Dubs feat. General Levy - Sweet Love (Wildstar)
2. Dj Narrows - Dreams (Resurrection)
3. Moreso - Take My Hand [Dem2 Over There Dub Mix] (Locked On)
4. Horsepower - Classic Delux (Tempa)
5. Ordinary People - Ghetto Lovin Dub (Social Circles)
6. Monie Love - Slice of the Pie [El-B Dub] (Relentless)
7. Lucy Pearl - Don't Mess With My Man [Wookie Dub] (Beyond)
8. Bass Masters - Bass Bug (black label)
9. Groove Chronicles - 1999 the remix (Kinky Fox)
10. Mario Cee feat. Alexia - Negativiti [Chris Mack 2 step] (Electric Melt)
11. Chris Mack - Baby Gonna Rock Dis (First Class Records)
12. DJ Double G -Get Loose (DFL)
13. Pay As U Go Crew - Know We (Solid City Records)

Mick Sleeper - upsetter.net Mix

1. Intro
2. Big Youth - Waterhouse Rock (Groove Corporation Remix) - Select
Cuts LC10846 - Unknown
3. Restless Mashaits - Africa - Addis - Frazer/Lambercy/Geuggis
4. Ghetto Priest - Strange Cargo - On U Sound NTCD139 - Salvador
5. Monkey Mafia - Retreat Wicked Man (Mick Sleeper Edit) - Heavenly
HVNLP21CD- Carter/Smith
6. Smith & Mighty Featuring Niji 40 - B Line Fi Blow - K7 - Unknown
7. Dave Barker & The Upsetters - Upsetting Station - Trojan CDTAL903- Crooks
8. Augustus Pablo - Peace And Love Dub - Pressure Sounds PSCD46 - Swaby
9. Dubmatix - Champion Sound - Seven Arts 0010 - Dubmatix
10. Willie Williams - Run Them A Run - Light In The Attic LITA029 - Williams

“Echo Beach” Mix

By the TurnTableTerrorist (aka Terry C.) from
"Echo Beach" on 88.7 WLUW-FM, Chicago's Sound Alliance

1. Dubmatix (Toronto) – London Calling (featuring Don Letts) –
Shatter the Hotel, The Songs of Joe Strummer In Dub – Upcoming
(December) release produced by Prince Blanco to celebrate the
30th anniversary of the release of The Clash’s “London Calling” –
2009 (5:22)
2. Drydeck (France) – Mon Ame Est En Peine, Part 2 – Drydeck Meets
OnDubGround – Original Dub Gathering (netlabel: odgprod.com) –
2009 (5:20)
3. Jiang Liang (Yangshuo, China) - Da Lu Dub - Unreleased demo track
produced in 2009. Check out more at http://www.myspace.com/reggaechina.
4. Dubsalon (Argentina) – Metalic Shaman - Scrambling Shapes – Node 3
Records – 2009 (6:13)
5. Dr. Isreal (Brooklyn) – Dub Inna Babylon – One Dub – Interchill
Records – 2009 (5:49
6. Crazy Baldhead (Brooklyn) – Choice of Color (featuring Alex Desert) –
Sound of ’69 – Self Released CD – 2008. Covering the Impressions
(written by Curtis Mayfield, of course) track from 1969. Check out
more at www.myspace.com/crazybaldheadband (3:24)
7. The Drastics (Chicago) – Dub Me Back (featuring Ralph “Soul” Jackson) –
Unreleased demo track from 2007 produced as a by-product of the Ralph
Jackson show in Chicago for which the Drastics acted as the backing band.
Big up to Anthony A. of the Drastics for the demo! Dubbing up RSJ’s
classic track, “Take Me Back” (2:40)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playlist 12th September 2009 - Funkology - 25 Years

Al Green - Everything is OK (Ashley Beadle ReMix) - Cosmic Boogie
Bill Withers - Railroad Man (Ashley Beadle ReMix) - Cosmic Boogie
Fela Kuti - Water No Get Enemy - Wrasse Records
Arnold Jarvis - Take Some Time Out
Mr Fingers - Can you feel it - Trax
Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey - Easy Street
Serge Ponsar - Out in the Night - Warner Bros. Records
Brenda Taylor - You Can't have your Cake - West End
Tomorrow's Edition - U Turn Me On -
Change - Hold Tight - Wea Records
Circle City Band - Magic - Circle City Records -
Grandmaster Flash - Apache (Remix) - Strut
Prince - Sign of the Times - Paisley Park
Ron Hardy - 1st Choice - Let no Man Put us asunder Ron Hardy re-edit
Gangstarr - Step in the Arena - - Chrysalis
DJ Jazzy Jeff and THe Fresh Prince - Touch of Jazz - Jive
EPMD - Gold Digger - Columbia / Def Jam
Cypress Hill - Insane in the Brain (Instrumental) -
Spoonie Gee - The Godfather - Tuff City
Eric B & Rakim - I Know you got soul - 4th Broadway -
EPMD - So wat cha sayin' - Fresh Records
Ultramagnetics MCs - A Chorus Line - Next Plateau
Joe Budden - Body Hot - Def Jam
Pevin Everrett - Special - On Trippin Records
The Dobbie Brothers -Long Train Runnin' 2009 Remix - Warner's
Brenda Boykin - Ride Rich Rhythm - Chin Chin Records
Timo Lassy - The More I Look at You - Ricky Tick
Four Tops - Way Nature planned it - Motown
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Rmx) - Music World Entertainment

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Playlist 5th September 2009

On the Wire - 5th September 2009 by Otwradio on Mixcloud

Geoff Davies talking about Probe and playing tracks from the label.

Mr Amir - Reasons to Live - Probe Plus
Gone to Earth - Tippin' it up to nancy / Rose of york - Probe Plus
Fish Cake Shake - Smile - Probe Plus
Levellers 5 - Be Happy - Probe Plus
Half Man Half Biscuit - Look Dad no Tunes - Probe Plus
King Tubby - From Channel 1 to King Tubby - Dove
The Mel-o-tones - Bomb Sutra - Probe Plus
St Vitus Dance - Winners All - Probe Plus
Halfway to Eddie's - The Small Bitter Pin-Stripped Fool -
Ganja Rockers - 420 - Probe
Sonnenberg - Mersey Moon - Probe Plus
Marlowe - It's turning me on - Probe
Kelso - Outsiders - Probe Plus