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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Playlist - 20th September 2014

IPlayer Radio

Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer – Happy Birthday to you
Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar No.1 (China mix) – Leghorn saw03
Spooge Boy – D-Bop – Memo memo9 (Bobby Orlando – Orbob Music)

Shackleton - Drones Over Lancashire – Woe to the Septic Heart
- In Our Lancashire Drones
- Crumbly, Creamy, Tasty
- Horsefaced Judas
(All music written, composed and produced by Sam Shackleton, music wholly owned by Woe To the Septic Heart/Skull Disco/Sam Shackleton)

The Inward Circles - Unto Whom We Owe the Very Name of Paradise

Demdike Stare – High On the Wire

Bim Sherman – Over the rainbow (Acoustic session excerpt on wobbly Walkman!)

Youth & The Orb – Off the Wire (mix)
- The Orb - Son of All Capone (remix)
- The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds - (Katkatsitsi mix)
- The Orb feat. Lee Perry - Fuzzball (Deadbeat Champion Remix)
- Killing Joke - Turn To Red (Dub)
- Brother Culture - People Love The Music (Banda Remix)
- Mycal - I Wonder What Happened In The Future (Youth Remix)
- Suns Of Arqa - Rosin & Reed (Zion Train Remix)

Trouble Funk – The beat – Jamtu jam3004

Many thanks to Sam Shackleton, Richard Skelton, Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty (Demdike Stare) and Youth & The Orb (Big shout to Dr. Alex)