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Friday, December 16, 2016

Dubs On the Wire - Chapter Two - Always a Version

Joe Gibbs & the Professionals    Chapter Three    Joe Gibbs Record Globe
Joe Gibbs & the Professionals    The Road is Rough
I Stand Accused    Joe Gibbs Belmont Joe Gibbs & the Professionals       
Revolutionaries    Pay Them version    Well Charge
Natty_General version  Ishens dub    Well Charge
Revolutionaries    New Establishement    The People Skanking   
Heart Breaker version    Bong Man  Money Disc  Studio One
New Establishement       
Richard & the Sound Dimension-s_    —    Crafty   
The Charriot    Your Dub version    Crystal  Move & Groove
Crystalites    Bass & Drum version   
Hugh Roy    Foundation version    Rebel
Techniques All Stars    Melting . of version     Riley Inc.
Techniques All Stars       
Fe-Me-Time All Stars    Mother Liza version   
Aggrovators    A Ruffer version    Jackpot  Jackpot
Aggrovators    A Noise Place   
Aggrovators    A Good version    Clocktower (V.S.)
Dirty Harry    The Poor Barber    Jackpot  Attack
pilliigi er/King Tubby/The Aggrovators    Jah Jah dub   
King Tubbys    Grate Stone    Freedom Sounds
King Tubbys    Watergate Rock
Psalms of Dub    Black & White
Ronnie Davis    Power of LOve    Rosie
No artist credit (Aggrovators)    King Tubbys in Fine Style
Number One in the World    Rosie
U Roy       
No artist credit (King Tubbys)    Tubbys at the Control V1
Tubbys at the Control V2    Pantomine
No artist credit (King Tubbys)       
Dillinger    Dub Organiser    Justice League
Upsetters    Freak Out Skank    Upsetter
Bongo Herman, Les & Bunny    Salaam-peace  Strange Mood    Crystal
Sun Shot
Prat All Stars       
Slim Smith & Hugh Roy    Love I Bring version    Mego-Ann  Aquarius
Chanan-Jah Syndicate
Tommy McCook    To the Field version
Musical Air-raid version  Musical Drum Sound Repatriation versio   
Not known (vocal - I Roy)       
Not known (vocal - I Roy)       
Drumbago All Stars
Leo Mobukth (vocal)    Sexology version    Soulbeat
Jah Barry (vocal)    Daily News version    Phase 1
Ranking Fish Eye.    Arena dub   
Ellis Band    Ten Steps Forward   
Augustus Pablo    False Dread    Prophets
Lloyd Parkes (vocal)    Mafia
Duke I Firl version    Cactus
Mighty Two    Fuluiment    Errol T
SlyMobbie&the Taxi Gang    Revolution dub    _    Taxi
Revolutionaries    Hurting inside version    High Note  Ocean
Carlton Patterson/Tubbys
Aggrovators    Black Lash   
    Peace and Love in the Ghetto version    Third World
—    --Aggravators
Harry Mudie    Channel feel this one   
    Dub with a difference    Moodiso
Eti:Mgo. Herman&the Rhythm Rulers    Car Pound Drifter    Moodisc
Sir Cocoons Sound    Black Wars Reggae    Regal