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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Playlist - 30th January 2021



Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Jurango - Retreat Ites – Livity
Om Unit - Celestial Envoy - Acid Dub Studies (Acid Dub Studies)
Kitchen Cynics - Persian Carpet in Reverse – The Trilogy Tapes (Beads Upon an Abacus)
CS&Kreme - BUGGED – The Trilogy Tapes (how would you feel without that though)
Ashley Paul – Light Inside My Skin – Slip (Ray)
LOG - LOG 3 - Experiences Ltd (LOG ET3RNAL)
Maral - Aziz-e-Man - Push (Leaving)
Annette Peacock – Pony – Ace (Café Exil: New Adventures in European Music 1972 – 1980)
Guitar Red - Disco From A Space Show - Numero (Personal Space)
Matthew E White & Lonnie Holley - This Here Jungle of Moderness/Composition 14 - Spacebomb/Jagjaguwar (Broken Mirror - a Selfie Reflection)  
Tortusa - Så Oss Altså Ikke - Jazzland (Bre)
Obay Alsharani - Cocoon - Hive Mind (Sandbox)
Obay Alsharani - Peyo - Hive Mind (Sandbox)
Martina Bertoni - In Circles of Thoughts - Blue ed - Karlrecords (Music For Empty Flats)
Chaz Knapp - 97F at 9PM – figureight (Organ Drunes)
BD1982 - Order of the Golden Fang – Disktopia (Distance Visions)


Omar Korshid – Ahwak - We want sounds (With Love)
Bounaly - Takamba - Sahel Sounds (Music from Sahara What's App Series)
Conny Frischauf - Eingaben und Ausnahmen - Bureau B. (Die Drift)
University Challenged - Choppers over Negril - Hive Mind (Oh! Temple)

Bombay S Jayashri - Bhajeham Bhajeham - Time Capsule (Shravanam)
Deadbeat and Martin Bakero – Sueños de la Joya 2.0 - Corona Borealis Longplay Singles Series Constellation 2021

Sunday, January 24, 2021

J-Wave supercut show

 Produced by erstwhile On The Wire engineer Jethro R Binks for Selector Ramses' Radio Distraction on Radio Patapoe, this show collates all the known extant material from the 1992 shows Adrian Sherwood constructed for Tokyo's 81.3FM J-Wave, into a 4 hour version excursion: "Tunes From The Missing Channel - The On-U Sound Radio Show - J-Wave Supercut".  On-U Sound rarities and alternative versions aplenty.

Sequenced, re-edited and overdubbed by J R Binks for Fab Gear.  Another Cockcroft Communication.



Saturday, January 23, 2021

Playlist - 23rd January 2021



 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Titus 12 – Koyla Rhythm – Limbo Tapes (Blood Circus)
Om Unit – Treading Earth – Acid Dub Studies
SKRS – DubConception – SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL Bandcamp (RootPrinciple)
Kahn – Dread (Tk1) – Deep Medi Musik (DubKasm Remixes)
DubKasm – Strictly Ital (Peverlist remix) – Sufferah’s Choice Recordings (Transform I Remixed)
Burning Spear – Jah no dead (Live chant) – Island
Bunny Wailer – Rockers – Solomonic (In I Father’s House)
Lloyd Brevette & the Skatalites – Middle East – Planit Disc 7”
New Age Steppers – Send for Me – On U Sound (Avant Gardening)
New Age Steppers – My Love – On U Sound (Action Battlefield)
Pana – Never get burnt (feat. Likkle Jordee) – Roots Run Deep
The Far East – NYC Dream – Names You Can Trust (New York is for Lovers)


Altin Gün - Ordunun Dereleri - Glitterbeat.
Mason Lindal - Sky Breaking /Clouds Falling - Tompkins Square (Kissing Rosy in the rain)
Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso - Beserkley
Maalem Mahmoud Gania – Assamaoui - Hive Mind Records (Aicha)

Michael Palmer – Mr.Landlord (12” mix) – Doctor Bird (Different Fashion – The High Note Dancehall Collection)
Ranking Joe – General – Doctor Bird (Different Fashion – The High Note Dancehall Collection)

Justin Hinds & the Dominoes at Treasure Isle Pt.2
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Sinners Where Are You Gonna Hide?
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - (On the) Last Days
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come (Rock Steady)
King Sporty - For Our Desire
Tommy McCook & the Supersonics - Soul Movement
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Jump out of Frying Pan
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Take Heed (Greatest Thing Is To Know)
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Say Me Say
Justin Hinds & the Waves - Travel with Love
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Cornerstone
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - The Higher the Monkey Climbs
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Save a Bread
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - On a Saturday Night
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - The Little That You Have -
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Mighty Redeemer Part One
Justin Hinds & the Dominoes - Mighty Redeemer Part Two -

Strictly 7” selection by the irreplaceable Rev. Harry da Hawke

Lovindeer – Power cut – Jamaican Art Recordings (De Blinkin’ Bus)
The Ethiopian – I’m gonna take it over - Jamaican Art Recordings (Open the Gate of Zion)
Welton Irie – Hotter Reggae Music – Taxi 12”
Sly & Robbie – Hotter dub – Taxi 12”
RDL – Streets (Club mix) – Bokeh Versions
RDLxSmurphy – DesertK-QLoveRiddim – Bokeh Versions


Kosmos Klub / January edition....Dreader than Dread

  Ajay’s reggae mix



Saturday, January 16, 2021

Playlist - 16th January 2021



 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China intro) - Leghorn
Kode9 – The Jackpot – Hyperdub
Rian Treanor – Obstacle 3 – Planet Mu (Obstacle Scattering)
Al Wootton - Baccata - Trule
Matthias Grübel – Dawn Miss - matthiasgruebel.de
The RZA – Ghost Dog Theme 1 – 36 Chambers (OST)
The RZA – Ghost Dog Theme 2 – 36 Chambers (OST)
KCM - OfNazareth is Dead with Rob Sonic - MobThings
Wu Fei – Dream spot – wufeimusic.com
Wau Wau Collectif – Salamaleikoum – Sahel Sounds
Hiroshi Yoshimura – Street – (Green efx version)
Joe Townsend – If I Could Not Say a Word – Fat Possum (The Soul of Designer Records)
Southern Wonders Quartet – I Will Ever Stand – Canary Records (When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time)
Two Gospel Keys – I Love Travelling - Canary Records (When the Moon Goes Down in the Valley of Time)


Frank Zappa - Don't eat the yellow snow - Discreet
The Telescopes - Strange Waves - Tapete Records
The House of Love – Christine - Optic Nerve
Lalalar - Ceketini Al Yoluna Bak – Bongo Joe

Robert Drasnin – Voodoo Robert – Righteous (Pure Exotica)
Martin Denny – Voodoo Dreams - Righteous (Pure Exotica)
His Name is Alive – Halo – Disciples (Hope is a Candle)
Mats Erlandsson – Dali in Sapphire – XKatedral (4-track Guitar Music)
Blacklight Chameleon – Scorpio in All – Nuriot Recordings
Auvinen - Kevät Jäät Kilisevät - Editions Mego (Akoosaari)
Finis Africae – Hybla – Bongo Joe (La Ola Interior: Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990)
Kara-Lis Coverdale – A480 – Gate (A480)
Clarice Jensen – Summer – fat-cat (Ainu Mosir)
Christina Vantzou – Dvorjacked – (Colliding Wind) Concentric Records
University Challenged – On the Banks of the River Swale – Hive Mind Records (Oh! Temple)


Saturday, January 09, 2021

Playlist - 9th January 2021 - Funkology


 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Loose Joints – Is it all over my face? (Original unreleased full length version) – West End
Machuca Cumbia – Staying alive – Vampi Soul
Vis-à-vis – Kankyema – We Are Busy Bodies
Black on White Affair – Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother – Light in the Attic
Occupation Soul – Occupation Soul - Light in the Attic

Andy – Funkology Jan 2021: "Black Action Movie Special"

Isaac Hayes - Three Tough Guys (End Theme) (from "Three Tough Guys") (Enterprise)
Rimshots - Takin It (from "Patty") (Stang)
JB's - White Lightning- I Mean Moonshine (from "Black Caesar") (Polydor)
Bogas & Shanklin - BJ's Step (from "Black Girl") (Fantasy)
Roy Ayers - Aragon (from "Black Coffy") (Polydor)
JJ Johnson - Willie Chase (From "Willie Dynamite") (Geffen)
War - Youngblood (from "Youngblood") (United Artists)
Bernard Purdie - Hap'nin' (from Lialeh) (Bryan Records)
Badder Than Evil - Just Plain Luther (from Gordon's War) (Buddah)
Isaac Hayes - Three Tough Guys (End Theme) (from Three Tough Guys) (Enterprise)


Orkesta Mendoza – Paleta – Glitterbeat (Curandero)
Gheb Rabah El Maghnaoui - Amayna Alik Anti - Bongo Joe (Maghreb KT club 1985/97)
Invisible System - Echo Rock - Harper Diabate Records (Bamako Moon)
Ammar 808 - Duryodhana – Glitterbeat (Global control/Invisible Invasion)

Rossi B & Luca – Jah No Dead – Soul Motive Records
El-B – Son de Cali - Soul Motive Records

Pete – Funkology Jan 2021 "New & Recent Tuneage"

Eparapo & Dele Sosimi - BLM (Wah Wah Records)
Thommy Davis & Tasha Larae - I Love You More (Quantize)
Byron the Aquarius - New Beginning (Axis Records)
Galactic Soul Synergy - All Over the World (Cyberjams Records)
Fuminori Kagajo & Tracy Hamlin - Into the Sunshine (Nu Notes Music)
The Sultan’s Swing - Dune (Sultans Swing London Music)
Dennis Winston - More than Anything (Honeycomb Music)
Reelsoul - All That I Can Say (Reelsoul Musik)
Footshooter - Catch My Breath (Dance Regular Records)
JK Group - Seeds (La Sape)

Darryl Yokley – Echoes of Ancient Sahara - Jazzman

Saturday, January 02, 2021

Playlist - 2nd January 2021



 Dub Syndicate Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China intro) -Leghorn
Muqata’a - Disparat ulya - Hundebiss (Kamil Manqus)
Al Wootton - JL - Trule (Well Tempered)
Immrama- As a root out of dry ground - Amidah
Jessy Lanza - Alexander (Foodman remix) - Hyperdub
Tia Maria Produções / DJ Lycox - Mete o Bass - Principe
Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke - Her Revolution - XL Recordings
Alpha & Omega - Respect to the warrior dub plate - A&O Bandcamp
Aksak Maboul - Un Caïd (Hello Skinny Remix) - Crammed Discs (Un Caïd EP)
His Name is Alive - Sun reflection - Disciples (Ghost Tape EXP)
Sam Prekop - Pavilion 11 - Factory 25 (Pavilion)
Martin Rev - Sophie Eagle (Early version) - : Sähkö Recordings (3 Raw Takes)


Islandman. Sem Voce - Music for Dreams (Kaybola)
Mamani Keita – Love - Real World (Les Amazones D'Afrique - Amazones Power)
Espen Erikson Trio - Dancing Demons - Rune Grammofon (End of Summer)
Rustem Quiliyev - Yaniq Keremi - Bongo Joe (Azerbaijan Gitara)

Jim’s “Out There” Mix 

DJ Metatron  Loop'93  Loops Of Infinity
Kelly Lee Owens Jeanette  Inner Song
DJ Metatron  Loop'91  Loops Of Infinity
Jamie xx Idontknow Idontknow
DJ Metatron  Loop'95  Loops Of Infinity
Ghetto Henry  Rambla del Sol Ghetto Henry Vol. 1
DJ Metatron  Loop'94  Loops Of Infinity
Foul Play Finest Illusion Origins
DJ Metatron  Loop'99 Loops Of Infinity
Terrence Dixon  I'm Away in Detroit  From the Far Future, ...
DJ Metatron Loop'108 Loops Of Infinity
Unknown Artist  Sailor Dub Sound  Echo Ltd 001 LP
Frenk Dublin Warehouse Dub Echo Ltd 002
R.Y Move Dub (Traumer Remi...  Move Dub
Yagya Beauty in Loneliness  Old Dreams and Me...
Forest Drive West  Radiance Mantis 01
Priori SCN 4 SCN
Shinichi Atobe  Lake 2 Yes
Ohm; Octal Industries We Move Forward Again See You At Dawn EP
Jump Source Empathy Dub 2
nthng  Hypnotherapy  Hypnotherapy
Orion 219 VEZ
Night Sea  Grand Bleu  Still
Florian T M Zeisig  Only Textures  Coatcheck
KMRU Peel Peel
Botany Fourteen 45 Tails

Mark Fell & Will Guthrie - Diffractions 2 - Documenting Sounds