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Saturday, February 06, 2021

Playlist - 6th February 2021



 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt.1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Maistah Aphrica - Loh Nghìba Lìnih - Black Sweat (Meow)
Masha Motive - Sweet dripping resin - VOITAX (The Imponderable Bloom)
Astryd - Numbing - Dialogue (Blind Summit)
Speaker Music - Hi-Tech Blues Trap - Planet Mu (Sound Making Theodicy)
Mica Levi - Om Om Om Om feat. Brother May - MICA LEVI (Blue Alibi)
Teresa Winter – Love Crime - Documenting Sound
Ai Yamamoto - Evening Night fall - Fire, cricket, wine glass etc - Someone Good (Pan De Sonic - Iso)
Pauline Anna Strom - Equatorial Sunrise - RVNG Intl (Angel Tears in Sunlight)
Colleen - Gazing at Taurus - Santa Eulalia - Thrill Jockey (The Tunnel and the Clearing)
Tiziano Popoli - Mimetico Erettile - RVNG Intl (Bruciare la Notte)

Omar Sosa - Veloma E - OTA Records (An East African Journey)
Erland Dahlen - Wagen - Hubro (Bones)
The Besnard Lakes - Feuds with guns - Full Time Hobby (The Besnard Lakes are the last of the great thunderstorms warnings
This Mortal Coil - Song to the Siren - 4AD

Field Works - alaqah Azaliyyah - Temporary Residence Ltd (Cedars)
Love, Peace & Trance - Yeelen - Music from Memory (Heisei No Oto - Japanese Left Field Pop from the CD Age)
Ariel Kalma - Eco Sax - Black Sweat (Kula Confidential)
Christina Vantzou – Marmara Beach II - Edições CN (Multi-Natural)
mu tate - Saltwater - Experience Ltd (Let me put myself together)
Chuck Johnson - Raz-de-Maree – tk:til/Glitterbeat (The Cinder Grove)
Hellvete - Voor Harmonium IV - Aguirre (Muziek voor Harmonium)
Cosmic Eye - Dream Sequence II - The Roundtable (Dream Sequence)