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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Playlist - 21st January 2023



An On The Wire On-U Sound Rhythm Mix Special #3

Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar (China Mix)
On-U Sound All Stars (feat Skip McDonald, Steve Barker, Adrian Sherwood,
Ghetto Priest, Lee Scratch Perry, Dub Syndicate) - A Change Of Skies (I See
The World Through Different Eyes). A 2022 mix of various On-U Sound
related tunes including the lyric "I see the world through different eyes"

- Barker & Sherwood "I See The World Through Different Eyes" (special
extended edit) (unreleased, c.1987)
- Little Axe "Different Eyes" (special extended edit) (unreleased, c. 1998)
2 Badcard Meets The Ghetto Priest "Different Eyes" (recorded for "Vulture
Culture" album, unreleased, c. 2003)
- Little Axe "Different Eyes" (live in session for Paul Jones session Radio 2,
- Dub Syndicate feat. Gary Williams Lee 'Scratch' Perry "Let The Spirit
Rise" (from "Classic Selection Vol 3" 1994, On-U Sound)
- Sherwood & Pinch "Different Eyes" (from "Late Night Endless", 2015, On-U

An article accompanies the mix: https://jrbinks.wordpress.com/2023/01/21/seeing-

Mark Stewart VS Fab Gear Showcase Mix

- 2022 mix of all the tracks from Mark Stewart's VS album:
Horace Andy x On-U All-Stars - My Guiding Star Riddim Mix (How Can I
Leave You?) 2022 mix of versions on the My Guiding Star rhythm, featuring:
- Horace Andy “My Guiding Star” (1978)
- New Age Steppers feat. Ari Up “Guiding Star” (from “Action Battlefield”,
Statik, 1981)
- New Age Steppers feat. Ari Up “Guiding Star” (unreleased sax mix) (1981)
- New Age Steppers / Creation Rebel “Eugenic Device” (from “Threat To
Creation”, Cherry Red, 1981)
- New Age Steppers / Creation Rebel “Unclear” (alt mix from 1981, released
on “Avant Gardening”, On-U Sound, 2021)
- Horace Andy “My Guiding Star” (~2018 mix) (from “Midnight Rocker” (Jp),
On-U Sound, 2022)
- Horace Andy “My Guiding Star” (unreleased dubs)
- Horace Andy feat Lone Ranger “Dub Guidance” (from “Midnight Scorchers”,
On-U Sound, 2022)

Little Annie - Bless Those (From The Subterranean Checkout Desk). A 2022
mix originally produced for Dub Distraction on Radio Patapoe, broadcast 25
March 2022, as part of an On-U Rhythm Mix special, featuring:
- Little Annie "Bless Those" ("10" and “Short And Sweet” album mixes, On-U
Sound, 1992/3)
- McDonald & Wimbish "Upful Horns" (from “Version Excursion” compilation,
Spin 1992)
- Living Colour & "Little Annie's Prayer" (from “The Chair In The Doorway”
album, 2009)

All mixes and this show produced and mixed by Jethro R. Binks @jrbinks. A
Fab Gear Production and a Cockcroft Communication. Thanks to Adrian
Sherwood, all the On-U singers & players, programmers and engineers.

Essential MC once again: Multi-award-winning Steve Urquhart @listentosteve
& https://www.listentosteve.com