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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Playlist - 23rd May 2023


 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) - Leghorn
Incredible Bongo Band - Let There Be Drums – Mr. Bongo (Bongo Rock)
Anohni & the Johnsons - It Must Change - Rough Trade
Asma Maroof, Patrick Belaga, Tapiwa - Wicked City - PAN (The Sport of Love)
The Purge of Tomorrow - Waves - Modern Obscure Records (The Other Side of Devastation)
Vladislav Delay - Assembly Pt.1 – Rajaton
Sister Marion - B Safe (John T Gast Version) - 5 Gate Temple
Richard Skelton - That Bodies Are First Spirits (edit) - Corbel Stone Press
Perko - Sisu (feat. Cucina Povera) – Numbers
Caterina Barbieri - Swirls of you - Light Years (Myuthafoo)
Ellen Zweig - Sensitive Bones - Phantom Limb (Fiction of the Physical)
Tapes - Man Becoming a Duck - Jahtari (Funk Plates Vol.1)
Hector Zazou & Harold Budd x Herbert - The Light Gave Us Away (Deep Mix By Herbert) - Crammed Discs (Rare SSR Electronica 1994-01 (Crammed Archives 3))
Ariel Kalma - Planet Air Portasound - Black Sweat (French Archives Vol. III - Taste The Fullness of Life)

Cyril Cyril and Meridion Brothers - Diablos de Chuao - Bongo Joe
La Jungla - Salto Palante - El Palmas Music (De Borondo)
Ursa Major Moving Group - Reverse Invisible - Faith and Industry (Ursa Major Moving Group)
Bravery in Battle – Watico - Believe Distribution (The House We Live In)

Michael O'Shea - No Journey's End - Dome