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Sunday, June 25, 2023

Ian Fleming's West Africa trip

Ian Fleming is a long time friend of On the Wire. A little while ago Ian travelled to a few countries in West Africa and he happened to visit the village of Natitingou in Benin - home of the Star Feminine Band. Knowing that we had supported them recently playing tracks from their album Ian thought we may be interested in his trip:

“As a regular to On the Wire, I always listen to Fenny and Steve 'nattering over the garden wall', and they mentioned that they would like to visit Natitingou - home of the Star Feminine Band. As I have been fortunate enough to visit as part of a tour of West Africa I thought they might like some photos.
It is not much more than a small market town, not spreading much from the main road. No sign of the 'famous residents' and no record shop to browse in!.

We stayed in the best hotel in town. The main attraction of the area is a visit the traditional Tambermavillages. Their ancestors fled from religious persecution in Mali to practice their form of voodoo and build their fortified houses in their traditional 'Tata' style. They also practice intricate facial scarification rituals, and performed some ritual dancing to drum accompaniment I recorded a “bonus track” taking my finger off the shutter button long enough to record a snippet of the ritual dancing in the village near Natitingou.

This drumming recording was taken in the town of Sokode in Togo, the main centre of the Tem people (also known as Tembo or Kotokoliare). They are known for their traditional fire dances with rousing drums. In the town of Kumasi in Ghana we attended an Ashanti funeral. In this culture the funeral is a major event. All the family travel home to ensure that the deceased can join the ancestral spirits.




Saturday, June 24, 2023

Playlist - 24th June 2023



 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Kool Keith & We Are The Horsemen - London Is The Place (ft. Kaidi Tatham) – Outernational
Arthur Russell - Fuzzbuster 10 - Audika Records (Picture of Bunny Rabbit)
Arthur Russell - In The Light of a Miracle - Audika Records (Picture of Bunny Rabbit
Convextion - Tidal Friction - ART LESS (2845)
Beat Pharmacy - Virtual Science Fair - Rudimentary Records (Vertical Science Fair)
Brollachan - BBB - Full Dose (23)
Afrorack - African Drum Machine - Haluna Kulala (The Afrorack)
Memotone - Turn the Corner - Ashigakari (Ashigakari Volume 2)
Aphex Twin - Blackbox Life Recorder 21f – Warp
Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings - Flight Path - Drag City
Rezzett - Boshly - The Trilogy Tapes (Boshly)
Shackleton & Heather Leigh - The Dream Thirst for Disappearance - Everything Forever (Flesh & the Dream)
Anonhni & the Johnsons - Sliver Of Ice - Rough Trade
Brontez Purnell - I Got Joy ft. Briana Fletcher and The New Zion Missionary Baptist Church Choir of Belle - Dark Entries (No Jack Swing)

Jantra - Gedima - Ostinato Records (Synthesized Sudan)
Balimaya Project - Anka Tulon - New Soil x Jazz Refreshed (When the Dust Settles)
Phil Dawson, Dele Sosimi, Tony Allen - ILE - VVRecordings
NVST - Slacking it - Les Disques Magnetiques (Filled with Oil)

Saint Abdullah & Ecomac - Mother I Couldn't Sleep ft.Aquiles Navarro - Planet Mu (A Vow Not To Read)
Fabiano do Nascimento - Aurora - Leaving Records (Das Nuvens)
Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers - Somanti - Les Disques Bongo Joe
David John & the Mood - Bring It To Jerome (45 vinyl dub) - Cherry Red (The Tea Chest Tapes Recordings)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Mona - Capitol (Happy Trails)
Bo Diddley - Mona – Checker
D'Gary - Sahira - Shanachie (Malagasy Guitar)
Rick Deitrick - Abedonia - Tompkins Square (The Unguitarist Complete Works 1969-2022)
Kate Carr - Disassembling - Mana Records (Fever Dreams)


Saturday, June 17, 2023

Playlist - 17th June 2023


 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Blawan - Ramen - XL (Dismantled Into Juice)
Malvern Brume - Ebb - MAL (Pressure 1)
Nahash - AA Andorres feat. JAW (DJ Edit Instrumental) – SVBKVLT
Al Wootton - Devarim - Trule Records (We Have Come to Banish the Dark)
Colleen - Subterranean III - Drag City (Le jour et la nuit du réel)
Magpahi - Night Sky Sapphire - Folklore Tapes (When the Frog from the Well Sees the Ocean (Reports from English UFOlklore))
Asma Maroof, Patrick Belaga, Tapiwa - Major Kinda Love - PAN (The Sport of Love)
Karhide - Lost in the shadows - Cities & Memory (Cairo Sounds)
Giovanni Di Domenico - Minum - Unseen Worlds (Succo di formiche)
Philip Jeck & Chris Watson - Beetroot Train - Touch (Oxmardyke)
Dave Clarkson - Woodland Sanctuary - daveclarkson bandcamp.com (Ffurther Afield Recordings)
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Undercooled - KAB (Chasm)
Nuno Canavarro - Cave - Drag City (Plux Quba)
Ricardo Dias Gomes - Um Dia - Hive Mind Records (Muito Sol)
Maleem Mahmoud Gania - Shaba Kouria - Hive Mind Records (Colours of the Night)

Mokoomba - Makisi – Out There Records (Tusona)
Les Mamans du Congo and Rrobin - Mpemba - Jarring Effects
Brigid Mae Power - Counting Down - Fire Records (Dreams from the deep well)
Jah Screechy - Walk and Skank/version - Blacker Dread

Wata Igarashi - Searching - Kompakt (Agartha)
Chela - Heiwa - Worst Bassist Records (Diagonal Drift)
Mamer - 虚幻世界 Dünyê jalƣanay False World - Old Heaven Books (Sherter Solo 成为切尔铁尔)
ꄹꄷꀈꉐ 的的阿哈 Didi Aha - Cob Wall In Debris - WV Sorcerer Productions (Nuosu Music from Liangshan Vol. 1- Mouth Harp)
哔哔哔 哔哔哔 bBb bBb -  在他国遇见U.F.O U.F.O - Old Heaven Books (何苦逍遥 Why Be Free)
SBT - 13th Street - Ocean Omen (Joan of All)
Bob Dylan - Sierra's Theme - Columbia (Shadow Kingdom)

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Playlist - 10th June 2023 - Funkology



 Dub Syndicate – Ravi Shankar Pt1 (China intro) – Leghorn
Del Jones - Vibe-Ing Theme - Now-Again (Court is Closed)
The Just Four - Jam to Remember - Soul Jazz Records (Yo! Boombox)
Afrika & the Zulu Kings - Cars (Zulu Club Mix) - BGP (Dollar Bill Y'all)

Andy Funkology mix June 2023 - Norman Whitfield Special

Undisputed Truth - Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World) - Gordy
Temptations - Smiling Faces Sometimes - Gordy
Temptations - Masterpiece - Motown
Rose Royce - Sunrise - MCA
Undisputed Truth - Let's Go Down To The Disco - Whitfield

Woods - Stickman – JamWax
Bacao RSB - Murkit Gem - Big Crown

Tabaco y Su Sexteto - San Juan Guaricongo - El Palmas Music  (Tabaco)
Maroon Commandos - No Sophia No1 - Rocafort Records (Piconema: East African Hits on the Columbian Coast)
Taa - Preparation to heal – Glitterbeat (Taa! Our language may be dying but our voices remain)
Joanna Sternberg - People are toys to you - Fat Possum

Pretty Purdie - Heavy Soul Slinger - BGP (This is Flying Dutchman 1969-1975)
Charlie Watts - Airto - BMG (Anthology)
Knoel Scott feat Marshall Allen - Makanda - Night Dreamer
Psyché - Kuma - Four Flies Records (S/T)

Pete Funkology mix June 2023 - Hot, Nu, Revived
Kek, Star - Everybody Loves The Sunshine - Azania Digital Music
Lesny Deep - Roots Run Deep - Groovebom Records
Kem – Lonely - Motown
Incredible Bongo Band - Bongolia – Strut
K'Ture, Consuela, Ivy, Swaylo - Four Women - Poji Records
Diviniti - I'm The Best - Honeycomb Music
GeeW - Feel The Spirit - Household Trax London
Robert Matos, Ron Trent - Midnight Jazz - Ocha Records
Dave Lee, Maurissa - Look At The Stars - Z Records
Kiko Navarro, DJ Pippi, Willie Graff - Ensanah – Afroterrano Music

Matthew Halsall - Calder Shapes - Gondwana (An Ever Changing View)


Saturday, June 03, 2023

Playlist - 3rd June 2023



 Dub Syndicate - Ravi Shankar No.1 (China mix) – Leghorn
7FO - ヒーリング剣 (Healing Sword) - EM Records
Ahmed Ben Ali - Dameek Majeb - Habibi Funk (Subhana)
Poison Dart - Rude Boy Strike version - Mixing Lab
Screwdriver/Harry J - Computer rule version – Sunset
Prince Jazzbo – Replay – 333/Ujama
John John & Teetimus - Needle Eye – John John
Steely & Clevie & Teetimus - Dovecot version – John John
Rupie Dan - My Black Race/Dub – 333/Flag Records
The Mighty Victim with Father Richard HoLung - God & Caesar - Common Ground
The Observer All Stars - Ad Dab - Doctor Bird (Dubbing with The Observer)
The Observer All Stars - My Time Version Observer Style - Doctor Bird (Dubbing with The Observer)
The Observers - Twice Sevens - Doctor Bird (Dubbing with The Observer)
King Tubby & Dennis Brown & The Observer All Stars - Straight To Bunny Lee Head -Doctor Bird (Dubbing with The Observer)
Om Unit - The Canopy (Armageddon Style) - ZamZam Sounds
Misled Convoy meets Uncle Fester On Acid ft. Bim Sherman - Mafia Dub - Echo Beach (Kingsize Dub 23)
Macka B x Jazzwad – Jah Shaka trod on – Greensleeves
Mungo's Hi Fi x Prince Alla - Only Love - Scotch Bonnet
Mungo's Hi Fi x Hollie Cook - Sugarwater ft. Horseman - Scotch Bonnet
Indica Dubs meets The Disciples - Blood Stone - Indica Dubs (Chambers of Dub 10" series)
Indica Dubs meets The Disciples - Stone Dub - Indica Dubs

The Circling Sun - Spirits part 2 – Soundway (Spirits)
Samuele Strufaldi and the Villagers of Gohouo-Zagna Ivory Coast - Davorio - - Musica Macondo (Davorio )
The Telescopes - Only Lovers Know - Tapete Records (The Telescopes of Tomorrow)
Immaterial Possession - Medieval Jig - Fire Records (Mercy of the Crane Folk)

Silton Busulwa x NuttyBoi x DJ Moocha - Give me Strength - East African Records
Zenzile & High Tone - Dub Revolution feat. Nazamba - Jarring Effects (Zentone Chapter 2)
Zenzile & High Tone - Revolution in Dub - Jarring Effects
Elijah Saloman - Running Dub (John John Mix) - One Camp Records (Salomon Dub)
Seed Organisation & Icky Magdala - Rocking to the Version – Greenhouse
Groundation Meets Brain Damage - Between Earth and Zion - Jarring Effects (Dreaming From An Iron Gate)
Isha Bel & O.B.F - Nuh Call the Police - Dubquake Records
O.B.F - Hills Dub (Alpine Mix) - Dubquake Records
Ezeph - 7 Senses - Moonshine (Dub meets Techno)
Kologne, Alpha Steppa, The Ligerians - Food be thy Medicine – Steppas
Prince Lincoln Thompson & the Royal Rasses - Smiling Faces - Burning Sounds (Godsent Dub).