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Sunday, April 02, 2000

2nd April 2000

The Blood and Fire boys came down to the studio.

Trinity -Samson the strongest man -(Blood and Fire)
Djins -Les Freres -(Hammerbass)
Little Axe -On the white horse -(CDR)
Kid Koala -Strut hear -(Ninja Tune)
Gonzales -Gringo star -(Kitty Yo)
St.Germain -Dub experience -(Echo Beach)
Loren Mazzacane Connors & Jim O'Rourke -Are they going to stop? -(hatNOIR)
ESG -Moody -(Soul Jazz)
Max Romeo -Dub-a-boo-boo -(Satta)
Alpha & Omega -There must be a dub -(BSI)
Tony Mahoney -Burn false preacher -(Black Music Stars)
Trinity -Owner fe di yard -(Crystal)
King Tubby/Aggrovators -Horn version -(Clocktower)
Johnny Clarke -None shall escape the judgement -(Jackpot)
Cornell Campbell -Gun court law -(Jackpot)
Errol Scorcher -Sounds of Hon. Marley -(Dance Hall)
Ray I -Kunte kinte black roots -(Crystal)
Barry Brown -Two House Department -(Thrillseekers)
Ranking Trevor -Mr Landlord -(Hit)
Smith & Mighty/The Orb -Blood and Fire remixes -(CDR)

Fenny's Selection

Bone Box. -Trusty Hound -(Butchers wig)
Bonedust -C362553T/SF402535K. -(Barely Real)

Cusp -FFlipside -(R-Bennig)