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Sunday, August 20, 2000

Playlist - 20th August 2000

Wayward Soul -Different strokes .. -(PIAS)
Mekon -What's going on? -(Wall of Sound)
Max Tundra -Ink me -(Domino)
Surge -Upon my -(Millennium)
Dr Israel -Strictly hardcore -(Amethyst)
Sidestepper -Linda Manigua -(Palm Pictures)
Nacao Zumbi -O caranguejo da praia das virtudes -(Sterns)
Sofa Surfers -Walking Ghosts (UKO remix) -(Klein)
Fela Kuti -Fefe naa efe -(Ocho)
Balla et ses Balladins -Sra 70 -(World Music Network)
Ruben Gonzales -Chanchullo -(World Circuit)
Patato -Descarga en faux -(Six Degrees)
Tom Ze -Ogodo, ano 2000 -(Luaka Bop)
Luciano -Black man king -(Ffrench)
Mickey General -Love chant -(Al.Ta.Fa.An)
Daweh Congo -Respect -(TMI)
Mikey Spice -Better days -(Treasure)
Culture -What a gwan -(Anti-Boom)
Ras Mandito -The lion king -(7th Trumpet)
Augustus Pablo & Lloyd Young -Our man Flint -(Black Art)
The Upsetters -Bingo kid -(Black Art)
The Upsetters -You can dub -(Black Art)
The Gladiators -Time -(Black Art)
The Upsetters -23rd dub -(Black Art)
Freedom Masses -I am who I am -(Coroboree)

Fenny's Selection

Daniel Dale Johnston -Love Forever (from Rejected Unknown) -(Pickled Egg)
Naked Lunch -Closed Today -(Community/Virgin)
The Fighting Codes -Love Somebody Yes I do -(PGZ through RCA)