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Saturday, December 09, 2000

Playlist - December 9th 2000

Little Feat -Rat Faced Dog -(Warner Archives)
Spoonie Gee -Spoonin' rap -(BGP)
Papa Noel -Malou -(Sterns Africa)
Orlando Julius & his Modern Aces -Ijo Soul -(Afro Strut)
Junior Kelly -Jah Jah live on -(Jet Star)
Capleton/Terry Linen/Anthony Malvo/Red Rose -Love is coming at you -(Jet Star)
James K-Nine -Live it up -(BGP)
Toby King -Mr Tuff Stuff -
Herbie Hancock -The spook who sat by the door -(Obsessive)
Isley Brothers -Fight the power Part 1 -(Harmless)
Johnny Dowd -Big wave -(Munich)
The Gaturs -Cold bear -(BGP)
Gorillaz -Tomorrow comes today -(Parlaphone)
Sylvester Boy -Monsters rule this world -(Chix On Speed)
Thomas Newman -Dead already -(X:treme)
Kid 606 -Whereweleftoff -(Mille Plateaux)
Ursula Rucker/Jazzanova -Circe -(JCR)
Sad Rockets -Senio junior -(Matador)
Audio Active -Basspace -(Dream Machine)
Senor Coconut -Supertropical -(Multicolor)
Culturcide -Depressed Christmas -(White Label)
Pistol Grip -Roll that -(Delph Tone)
Ike Turner & his Kings of Rhythm -The new breed part -(Ace)
Otis Redding -My lover's prayer -(Atco)
Otis Redding -You left the water running -(Atco)

Fenny's Selection

The frightened prioners of the Kracken -Turquoise hope from their Demo cassette soon to be a CD -(www.gmcelroy.freeserve.co.uk)
The Fall-Hot Runes from their Unutterable CD-(Eagle)
Half Man Half Biscuit -t's cliched to be cynical at Christmas. From their Trouble over Bridgewater CD -(Probe Plus)