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Saturday, March 24, 2001

Playlist - 24th March 2001

R L Burnside -Mellow peaches -(M.C.Records)
Calexico -El picador -(City Slang)
Nebula -Do it now -(Sweet Nothing)
The Boredoms -Vision creation newsun -(Birdman)
The Electric Prunes -Shadows -(Birdman)
Big Bud -Persian blues -(Good Looking)
Cane 141 -Eager boy comics -(D├ęcor)
Captain Beefheart -Carson City -(Captain Beefheart)
I Am Kloot -Over my shoulder -(We Love You)
Manitoba -Dundas, Ontario -(Leaf)
Kuroi Mori -I feel -(Tone Casualties)
Lesser -Deep sixed in the back nine -(Matador)
Voiznoiz -Do something about it -(Pork)
Spacer -Doomsday -
David Newman -Foxy Brown -(BGP)
Nobody -Leading to the one -(Catskills)
Chris Stein & Fab Five Freddy -Razor cut -(Dynamite)
Hopa & Bones -Ali Baba -(Breakdown)
Tom Tyler -Weed mechanics -(D C)
Twerk -Defective manufacture -(Force Inc)
Talvin Singh -Dubla -(Island)
Saafi Brothers -The deep - part 2 -(Millennium)
Mark Wolford -Sanscapes -(MELT 2000)
Major Force -The re-return of the original art-form -(Mo Wax)

Fenny's Selection

Gilded Lil Last Tango in Tollcross. From their Corpus Delicti CD on bosque. (www.bosque.co.uk)

Llwybr LLaethog RWTSH from their STWFF CD on neudniddeud (neudniddeud@yahoo.co.uk)

David Thomas and two pale boys Surf's Up form their Surf's Up CD (onglitterhouse)