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Saturday, September 01, 2001

Playlist - 1st September 2001

Fluke -Thumper -(Circa)
Saul Williams -La la la -(American)
UKO -Teleroc -(Klein)
David McCallum -House of Mirrors -(Ninja Tune)
Solid Steel Drum School -Let's play drums-
Blackalicious -Alphabet aerobics-
Dub Tractor -Clavinette -(City Centre Offices)
Zuco 103 -Braqzilelectro -(Ziriguiboom)
Bazeado -Segunda feira -(Mr Bongo)
Rabo da Lagartixa -Pagode Jazz Sardinha's Club -(Nascente)
Cheikh Lo -M'Beddemi -(World Circuit)
The Cyclones wioth Count Ossie -Meditation -(Soul Jazz)
Leroy Smart & I Roy -Wicked eat dirt -(Blood and Fire)
Leroy Wallace -Far beyond -(Soul Jazz)
Dillinger -Rat-a-cut bottle -(Music Club)
The Medicine Bow -The earth I walk -(Drink)
Discordia -Where is the love -(Sorted Records)
Alan Jenkins -The slow fat pudding explodes naked -(Sorted Records)
The Strokes -last nite -(Rough Trade)
John Cale -Wall -(Columbia/Legacy)
Parsley Sound -Ease yourself & glide -(Mo Wax)
Hefner -Alan Bean -(Too Pure)
Quasi -The sword of God -(Domino)
AM FM -Secretly odds in knowing normal worlds -(Cooking Vinyl)
Suns of Arqa -Lamudia dub -(Arka Sound)