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Saturday, January 11, 2003

Playlist - 11th January 2003

Two Comrades -untitled -(demo)
Two Comrades -untitled-(demo)
fm3 -bootleg jelenik (live in peking)-(daoban records, beijing)
Then And -blue lady-(demo (guangzhou)
Supermarket -explosion-(modern sky)
Hu Zi -hi baby-(modern sky)
DJ Mickey Zhang -tide-(demo)
Tadi -shanghai subway-(demo (shanghai)
Ronez -honey on your body-(demo (guilin)
718 -untitled-(demo (xinjiang)
Lanzhou Noise Assn. -flowers in the mirror-(U-head, landzhou)
Fm3 -ambience sinica-(white rose, usa)
Emotional Joystick -Hollowsquare -(Zod Records)
Digital Jockey -Hot sun trail -(Morr Music)
Dictaphone -Sonne free -(City Centre Offices)
Random_Inc -In the Mall/In Katamon -(Mille Plateaux)
Keith Fullerton Whitman -fib01a -(Kranky)
Super Numeri -Flaurent Carmin -(Ninja Tune)
Henry Flynt -Sky turned red -(Locust no.16)
J B Lenoir & his African Hunch Rhythm -I sing um the way I feel -(EMI)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk -Jungle suite -(Ozit Morpheus bs)
Martin Rev -Wes -(ROIR)
Radio Boy -Mcdonalds -(Accidental)
Wesley Willis -Rock n' roll McDonald' s -(Cherry Red)
Populous -Charol astra -(Morr)
Dalmation Rex and the Elgentones -My Dog's got a bucket on her head -
Harold NoNo -Clown's Lounge -(Bearsuit Records)
Llwybr Llaethog -Mandolino -(CRAI)