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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Playlist - 29th November 2003 - Baked Goods

Wayne Carter-Mad Mouth Woman -(Aestuarium)
Climber -Untitled #3 -(Rice & Beans)
Christian Kleine -Untitled #1 -(City Centre Offices)
Claro Intelecto -Untitled #2 -(Ai Recordings)
Logreybeam -Untitled #3-(Type)
Isan -Willowy -(Morr Music)
Arthur Russell -In The Light Of A Miracle -(Soul Jazz)
Ricci Rucker -Emergency.Com -(Sound In Color )
Ghislain Poirier -Inégalités-
Pathic -False Profits -(Pyramid Transmissions)
Soc -Cyn7 -(Scsi-Av)
The Chimpendales -Untitled #4 -(Outside)
Death Comet Crew -America-(Troubleman)
Boom & Birds -Untitled #5 -(Rice & Beans )
Rj Valeo -Saturday Afternoon -(Type)
Julien Neto -Le Fumeur De Ciel -(Type)
Telefon Tel Aviv -Map Of What Is Happening -(Hefty)
Ludvig Elblaus -Untitled -(City Centre Offices)
Diplodocus -Summers Gonna Hurt You -(Big Dada)
Sixtoo -One World Lost-(Vertical Form)
Antennae -Light To Light (Instrumental) -(Botanica Del Jibaro)
Claro Intelecto -Untitled #8 -(Ai Recordings)
To Rococo Rot -For Bologna -(Unhip)