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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Playlist - 27th March 2004 - Baked Goods

With guest Andrew Johnson from the remote viewer

ALICE COLTRANE -Going Home -(Impulse)
LORD COMPOSER & THE SILVER SEAS HOTEL ORCHESTRA / -Hill & Gully Ride / Mandeville Rd -(V2)
AROVANE -Ten Hours -(City Centre Offices)
DEAF CENTER -City -(Type)
MAX DE WARDENER -Thryrsis -(Accidental)
FENNESZ -The Point Of It All -(Touch)
UNTITLED -Untitled -(Moteer)
CLICKETS -September Sounds Like This -(Moteer)
THE REMOTE VIEWER -We Named It After You -(City Centre Offices)
DOWNPOUR -Go Back To Sleep -(Drop Beat)
THE REMOTE VIEWER -I'm Sad Feeling -(City Centre Offices)
MANY FINGERS -Grace In Rain -(Moteer)
DAEDELUS -Something Bells -(Plug Research)
MIKE FELLOWS -All Wang Heavily -(Vertical Form)
BLOCKHEAD -Summer Séance -(Ninja Tune)
CLARO INTELECTO -Tria -(Ai Recordings)
LUCIEN-N-LUCIANO -Madre, Mother + Mere -(Peacefrog)
THEO PARRISH presents THE ROTATING ASSEMBLY -Orchestra Hall -(Sound
Signature) - -

INTRICATE -Replace -(Spezial Material)

LUDWIG ELBLAUS -Laash -(New Speak)

CHRISTIAN KLEINE -Shift's Of Wood -(City Centre Offices)

BOCHUM WELT -Telegame -(Device Electronic Entertainment)

GOLDMUND -Corduroy Road -(Type)