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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Playlist - 29th May 2004 - Baked Goods

Darwen Music Festival

Gone Beggin-Never-(Sunbird)
The Angel Brothers and Satman Singh-Punjab to PitStop-(Wrk)
Modeste Hughes-Miyona-(Space Shop)
Buzzcocks-What do I get-(EMI)
Horace Andy-Wise Man-Auralux
KODE 9 AND DADDY G-Sign Of The Dub-(Hyper Dub)
PRO CELEBRITY GOLF AND JAZ GLAZE-Three Sinister Syllables (Part 8)-(Chopped Herring)
MIKE FELLOWS-Sunshores-(Vertical Form)
KHONNOR-Ape On The Loose-(Type)
PORN SWORD TOBACCO-Evans Sundown Corp-(City Centre Offices)
CYNE-Rousseau (Instrumental)-(City Centre Offices)
MESTIZO & MEATY OGRE-America Hoffmann-(Galapagos 4)
DOROTHY ASHBY-Soul Vibrations-(Soul Jazz)
CHRISTIAN KLEINE-Untitled-(City Centre Offices)
BROOKS-Do The Math-(Soundslike)
MONNE AUTOMNE-Too Late-(Lo-Fi Stereo)
69-Poi Et Pas-(Planet E)