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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Playlist - 20th November 2004

Steve from Beijing, plus poets Hovis Presley, Thick Richard, with help from Kevin and Melanie

Motohiro Natashima-Yap-Lo Recordings
Max de Wardener-Brown Snowflakes-Accidental
Trans Am-Pretty Close to the Edge-Thrill Jockey
Wagon Christ-Nightly night-Ninja Tune
Fat Jon-Day -Exceptional
Blockhead-Insomniac Olympics-Ninja Tunes
Milanese-So malleable-Warp175
The Gasman-Imodium-Planet Mu
Hrvatski-Gemini-Planet Mu
Culture-Two Sevens Clash-Soul Jazz
Gone TO Earth-3 Drummers-Probe Plus
The Black Keys-Girl is on mind-Epitaph
The Rocks-We Got it-Scratchy Records
CC ADCock-Y’all’d think she’d goot o me-Yep Roc
Dolorean-Violence in a snowy fields-Yep Roc
Butches-Make yr Life-Yep Roc
Clinic-Circle of Fiths-Domino
Horace Andy Meets Mad Professor-Babylon Bridge-Ras
Prince Jammy-Slaughterhouse Five-Auralux