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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Playlist - 16th April 2005

Radio Pnhom Penh -The shiny radio in a blind man’s wallet -Sublime Frequencies
Elly Kasim -Ayam dev lapeh -Sublime Frequencies
N/k -Pua mao mea mao -Sublime Frequencies
Radio Nepal -Danhe cuari -Sublime Frequencies
Hassan Kassayi -Dastgah of Homayoun -Network
Muslimgauze -No human rights for Arabs in Israel -Staalplaat
Ratkje & Blonk -Arnhem 1 -Kontrans
Peter Jacuemyn -Kontrabass solo no.8 -Logos lpd005
Sun O))) -A shaving of the horn that speared you -Southern Lord
Aki Onda -Flickering lights -Phonomena
Otomo Yoshide -Cash dispenser -Noise Asia
Tran Quang Hai -Bashkir xomus -Playasound
Huan Qing -A short meeting -Little Bar Records
Milky Wimp Shake-Boxing Day Blues-Fortuna pop
Trail and Dead-Caterwau-Worlds Apart
Sweet inspirations-Every Day will be like a Holiday-Soul Jazz
The Tamlins-Blatimore-AURALUX
Roy Lee and King Iwah-Give Me Power-Trojan
The Revolutionaries-River Bank-Hot Pot
Women of Mambazo-Mamizolo-Manteca
Pedro Luis Ferrer-Changui Para La Pena-ESCONDIDA
Goldmund-Marching Through Georgia-Type
Mugison-2 bIRDS-
Roger Robinson-Nicola’s Song-Altered Vibes
Choir Boys-Dim Effigies-pfMentum
Roots Manuva-Too Cold-Big Dada
Takagi Masakatsu-Come March-Staubgold
Jori Hulkkonen-Are You Fortean-F Communications
Fred Giannelli-Delirious-Scioence Recordings
Stromba-Tickle ME dUB-Fat Cat