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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Playlist - 30th July 2005 - Baked Goods

COKI -Officer -(DMZ)
KERO -T34G -(Neo Ouija)
LACKLUSTER -N -(New Speak)
ANTENNAE -Destroy This -(Botanica Del Jibaro)
STACS OF STAMINA feat MIKE LADD -Baghdad Boogie -(Werk)
AWOL ONE & DADDY KEV -Unlucky Number -(Alpha Pup)
EARTH VS AUTECHRE -Coda Maestro In F(Flat) Minor -(No Quarter)
GARLO -Danse Avec Le Vent -(CIP)
JASPER TX -Help Them Die -(Lampse)
ANDY STOTT -Ceramics -(Modern Love)
ANDERS ILAR -Rourei -(Narita)
PENDLE COVEN -Modern Mode -(Modern Love)
HEY-O-HANSEN -Moon (Thaddi's Jack is a Simple Fella Mix) -(Hey Rec)
DEAF CENTER -White Lake -(Type)
THE MATINEE ORCHESTRA -Hide and Seek ; The Matinee March -(Arable)
MIDAIRCONDO -Faces -(Type)
THE BOATS -Mum and Dad -(Moteer)
THE AMERICAN ANALOG SET -Cool Kids Keep -(Morr Music)
EDUARD ARTEMYEV -Music from Tarkovsky's Stalker and Solaris -(Toei Music)
DESMOND LESLIE -Destruction of The Flies -(Trunk)
PIERRE HENRY -Multiplicitie -(Phillips)
DICK RAAIJMAKERS -Mechanical Motions -(Donemus)