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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Playlist - 23d February 2008 - Baked Goods

ONRA - Chinoiseries (Arkhonia Re-Seq) (Label Rouge)
LIKHAN' - Terre (7even)
PEVERELIST - Infinity Is Now (Tectonic)
JOHN FAIRHURST - Joys Of Spring (Humble Soul)
CATH & PHIL TYLER - Wether's Skin (No-Fi)
SAMAMIDON - Fall On My Knees (Bedroom Community)
FIRE ON FIRE - Liberty Unknown (Young God)
T.LA ROCK - Back To Burn (Fresh)
BOVILL - Low Pressure (Meanwhile)
CLARO INTELECTO - Harsh Reality (Modern Love)
BYETONE - Plastic Star (Raster Noton)
RUSSELL BROTHERS - The Party Scene (Portrait)
JACASZEK - Rytm To Niesmiertelnosc I (Miasmah)
AARON MARTIN - Sisters (Preservation)
JONNY GREENWOOD - Oil (Nonesuch)
NEWCLEUS - Computer Age (Push The Button) (Sunnyview)
KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN - Kontakte (Excerpt) (Stockhausen Verlag)
EDGARDO CANTON - Animal Animal (Nepless)
VERNON ELLIOT ENSEMBLE - Ivor The Engine Theme (Trunk)
JOHN PFEIFFER - Reflection Of A String (Victrola/Creel Pone)
LORQ DAMON - Journey Backwards (Tala/Creel Pone)