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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Playlist - 17th July 2010

Best audio quality (IPlayer)

Jon Hopkins – Vessel (Four Tet rmx) – Double Six
Terror Danjah – Bruzin VIP – Hyperdub
DJ Nate – Hatas our motivation –Planet Mu
Falty DL – My friends will always say – Planet Mu
Royal Trux – Junkie nurse – Drag City dc10 (Untitled)
Hamper McBee – Methodist pie dc427 (The Good Old-Fashioned Way)
Preacher – from Kevin Nutt’s ‘Sinners Crossroads” on wfmu.org
Golden Echoes – Packing a grip – Numero Group num030 (Good God: Born Again Funk)
Mary Gordon – You shall be free (CD with the book “Give My Poor Heart
Ease: Voices of the Mississippi Blues by William R. Ferris from the
The University of North Carolina Press)
Pastor T.L. Barrett & the Youth for Christ Choir – Like a ship –
Numero Group num030
Shirley Ann Lee – There’s a light – Numero Group
Björk & Dirty Projectors – When the world comes to an end – mp3
(from Mount Wittenberg Orca $7 via net, donations to National
Geographic Society to help create areas of sustainability)
Pink Floyd – Valley obscured by clouds – EMI
Low Density Matter – Blue steel – Keysound
Sulumi – Torturing – Shanshui Records
October – That placid track –Caravan
? – Ooops – Caravan
The Bent Moustache - Mind your Language Cock - Wormer Bros. Records
Jammer - 10 Man Roll - Big Dada
Andreya Triana - A town called Obsolete - Ninja Tunes
The Acorn - Restoration - Bella Union
Apagya Show Band - Ma Nserew Me - Analog Africa
La Brass Banda - Aussenriess - Trikont

Nugroove Mix / Neil Robbins