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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Usual Places, Unusual T Shirts

Following on from my last set of photographs, Usual Plants, Unusual Places, the newest collection is Usual Places, Unusual T Shirts.

As you might imagine, it is my vast collection of T shirts, many supplied by Steven Barker from China, photographed in front of various Darwen landmarks like the Job Centre, Homeless Hostel, Health Centre etc.

They can bee seen downstairs at the Visitors' Centre in Sunnyhurst Woods in Darwen, Lancs until the 18th December 2010.

Opening times are afternoons only on Thursdays, Fridays and weekends.

You could take a nice stroll through the Woods, have a sken at my pictures and then have a nice ice cream or a brew in the Old England Kiosk situated next door.

Sounds like a proper half day out!

The next part of this trilogy of madness will be Usual Places, Usual Faces. That will be photos of Darweners in situ. That might be in front of their favourite cafe, or various stall holders on the market and that kinda thang.