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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Enrico La Rocca Tells you where to go W/c 29/3/2011.

Wednesday. 30/3/11. The Unthanks and Trembling Bells. Manchester Cathedral.
Sublime Geordie folk sisters cover Tom Waites and King Crimson on their new album "Last". Supported by excellent Glasgow folk-rock weirdos.

Thurs. 31.3.11.Dum Dum Girls, Mazes, Milk Maid. Deaf Institute, M/C.
American buzz saw popites supported by great psych popoutfit Mazes and equally good Mancunians Milk Maid.

Fri 1/4/11.Cold Cave.Ruby Lounge, M/C.
Gothic cold wave synth p[oppers from the States.

Sat 2/4/11. Earth and Sabbath Assembly. Islington Mill, Salford.
American drone metal pioneers recently re-tooled in a folky direction.Sabath Assembly sound interesting (to Enrico) Volcanic Tongue record shop made them album of the year in 2010, with a record that "re-processed the gothic hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgement". If satan is going to materialise anywhere next weekend, it will be here!

Sun 3/4/11. Esben and the Witch. The Kazimer, L'pool.
More goth, this time in a more traditional post-punk take on it from Brighton trio in a great venue.

Mon 4/4/11. Eli Kezler. Castle Hotel, Manchester.
Multi-instrumentalist improvisor from Providence Rhode Island (ain't that where Peter Griffin comes from?). Loved by the Wire.

16/4/11. Nat Johnson and the Figureheads. The Continental, Presto.

19th MAY 11. Sufjan Stevens. M/c Apollo.

7th June 11. PIL. 53 degrees, Presto.