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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Trust the Trust

You may have heard or read the news the other week, though not exactly headlines, the BBC Trust had come to some conclusions following the consultation on the proposed changes to the BBC. For local radio they asked that the suggested proposal be re-examined in three areas:

  • the extent to which local stations share their afternoon content with their neighbours – whilst recognising that in some areas this might still be the best option;
  • staffing levels in local radio newsrooms;
  • and the ability of local radio stations to protect some of their more specialist off peak content.

On the Wire clearly falls into the third section, along with other shows within that definition. So, the future is looking brighter though the actual outcome still needs to be finalised.

In no small way this is entirely due to all the people who expressed their views to the BBC Trust concerning On the Wire and other specialist shows. So, our many thanks, once more, go to you for taking the time and trouble to take part in the consultation process. We will continue to keep you informed of progress,

All the best from your devoted servants

- Steve, Fenny and Jim.