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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Playlist - 25th October 2014

IPlayer Radio

Sonny Boy Jeff Williamson
John Holt - Strange Things
John Holt - Change your style (aka Hooligans)
The Paragons - The tide is high
John Holt - My heart is gone
The Paragons - Wear you to the ball
John Holt - Ali Baba/Time is the master/Up Park Camp/ Police in helicopter
Bing & Ruth - Warble
John Hassell/Brian Eno - Rising Thermal
Music from the village of Boubon (Songhai)
Cut Hands - Belladonna theme
Maurice Louca - Benhayyi Al-Baghbaghan (Salute the parrot)
King Gong - Gongs
Java, Indonesia III
John Hassell/Brian Eno - Delta rain dream
Tinariwen - Le chant des fauves
Bell Gardens - Slow Dawns for Lost Conclusions
Ty Segall - The Connection Man
The Fall Group - Amorator
Gareth Whitehead & Greg Gow - Vacant (Silent Servant Remix)
Eva Bowen - Aos si
Loscil - Sturgeon Bank
Mdou Moctar - Nikali talit
The Invisible Hands - Weasel down
Omar Khorshid and his Group - Sidi Mansour
Objekt - Agnes Apparatus
Intrusion - Tswana Dub (Phased restructure)