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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Radiophrenia gig - LIVE - Wednesday 31st August at 7pm

Steve Urqhart is doing a gig! It's with his fabulous musician / composer friend Alan, on the final evening of August, in Glasgow.

They are going to spend an hour throwing bits of my radio documentaries into a bank of analogue synth modules and FX units, and improvising music and rhythms out of them. From street art to striptease, there'll be audio loops and relentless reverb for the whole family to enjoy. If the sight of two-middle aged men pressing buttons, plugging / unplugging bits of wire, and occasionally faffing about on a keyboard is too strong an urge to resist, then you should come.

Free tickets here: http://cca-glasgow.com/programme/57ac7df800fa3d4679000004

Not in Glasgow? It's also going out live on the excellent Radiophrenia (audio only, thankfully) at 7pm UK time. Or possibly 8pm.