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Saturday, December 23, 2000

Playlist - December 23rd 2000

Christmas in Detroit

Cybotron -Clear -(Fantasy Records)
Channel 1 -Technicolour -(Metroplex)
Model 500 -Techno (m500 version) -(R+S Records)
Shake -Mood Swing -(Frictional Recordings)
Andre Holland -They will never know -(Underground Resistance)
Condition Red -Cosmic Osmosis -(Underground Resistance)
Rhythim is Rhythim -Beyond the Dance (Cult Mix) -(Transmat)
Blake Baxter -Does Not Compute (Remix) -(Incognito)
Separate Minds -First Bass -(KMS Records)
Carl Craig -Televised Green Smoke -(Planet e)
Claude Young -Change of Pace -(Elpysia Records)
Psyche -Andromedia -(Transmat)
Inner City -Praise (May Day Mix) -(Ten Records)
Rythim is Rhythim -Strings of Life (unreleased mix) -(Transmat)
Lark -Tedra -(Buzz)
Infiniti -Think Quick -(Metroplex)
Innerzone Orchestra -At Les -(Mercury Records)
Jeff Mills -They who lay beneath -(Tresor / Axis)
Subterfuge -Death of Love -(Prime)
Rythim is Rythim -Nude Photo 88 -(Transmat)
Model 500 -The Passage -(Network)
Innerzone Orchestra -Bug in the Bass Bin -(Planet e)
Stacey Pullen -Air Puzzle -(Transmat)
Electronic Warfare -Illuminator -(Underground Resistance)
Symbols and Instruments -Tear Drops of Yesterday -(KMS Records)
Scottie Deep presents Fathoms -Scott's Ambient Dream -(Aztonik Records)
A Guy Called Gerald -Automanikk (Derrick May the force be with you mix) -(CBS)
MK Productions -Get Up Early -(Masahiro Records)