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Saturday, September 07, 2002

Playlist - 7th September 2002 - Baked Goods

Other people place -Sorrow a Cup of Joe -(Clone Records)
Morgan Caney and Kamal Joory -Flyaway -(City Centre Offices)
Rhythm and Sound feat Chosen Brothers -Making History -(Basic Channel)
Dennis Brown -Emmanuel God is with us -(Blood and Fire)
The Light of Saba -Lambs Bread Callie -(Honest Jons Records)
Timeblind -From Rugged Redemption -(Orthlong Musoric)
Papa Austin and Great Peso -Wrong Girls to play with -(Tuff City)
Qwel -Good Friday -(Galapagos)
Josh Martinez -Rip Rap -(6Months/Low Pressure)
PSI Performer -1995 Tejada Remix -(K-20 Records)
Geiom -Sane -(Skam)
Soul Oddity -Little Alien -(Astral Works)
Dan Boadi and the African Internations -Play that funky music -(Aestuarium)
Phillip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble -The Minstrel -(Aestuarium)
Meanest Man Contest -Contaminated Dance Step -(Weapon Shaped)
Subtle -Earthsick -(Dose)
Professor X -Professor X (Saga) -(Techno Kut)
BFC -Chicken Noodle Soup -(Planet E)
Zorn -Marianengraben -(LuxNigra)
Christian Kleine -Untitled -(City Centre Offices)
Dictaphone -Walking w/Malka Spielgel -(City Centre Offices)
Clikkits -Limin Low -(Motteer)
Rhythm and Sound -Aerial -(Rhythm and Sound)
Arovane -Untitled -(City Centre Offices)